The beginning

Well I’ve finally jumped in. I’ve been wanting to write a blog for a few years now, mostly to try out a new medium that is no longer new. Unfortunatley, I didn’t really have anything interesting to write about. Thus no blog. Now I’ve come up with a couple ideas but there are just too many options as far as hosting sites and design. And then there’s the problem of coming up with a cool blog name. It has to describe the blog but also pique your interest enough that you’ll actually want to read it. Who knows how many people will eventually read the blog, you don’t want to have half a million readers and be stuck with a lame name.

Then I needed a theme for my blog: this blog is just going to be a journal of what’s going on in our lives. A place to write about the kids homeschooling/ highschool/ college journey and all the adventures they find themselves in. Plus I’ll be writing about some of my projects/ house renovations/ gardening and/or recipes with some pictures thrown in for fun. I imagine the only people that will be interested in reading this are family and possibly some close friends. I also have an idea for a different blog that will focus on my stained glass windows. We’ll see how successful I am at keeping 2 blogs somewhat current. So that’s it in a nutshell, now I’m off to see what happens when I push publish post.


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