A new pet or two

After 10 years of being a faithful, very large and VERY smelly friend the time had come for us to put our 120 pound mastiff, Rasta, to sleep. She was unpredictable around men and ferocious around other dogs. She wasn’t interested in playing she mostly just layed in a comatose heap on her dog bed. She did however fart, a lot! And she left a trail of urine when she walked through the house, so the time had come. We managed to go a whole 9 days before the new puppy arrived. Turns out it’s not as easy as you would think to adopt from the pound. First off all members of your family have to go to the pound to meet the possible pet before it can be adopted. They also need to talk to your vet to make sure all animals in the house are up to date with their shots and spayed or neutered. While all this sounds like good ideas who would have thought that they could be so particular about who adopts their animals. Finally several trips to the pound and many hours later we came home with an adorable mini lab, possibly beagle, mix. She’s 5.5 months and 17 pounds. Compared to Rasta that’s nothing, she’s more like a cat than a dog, but we all love her.


2 thoughts on “A new pet or two

  1. we saw a mix at the pound (it was actually one of the dogs we wanted) that looked like it had greyhound in it and i thought of you. I heard that you wanted a rescue greyhound for your next dog.

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