The Frog Bride

On Monday Thomas and I went to see The Frog Bride…

“the hip adaptation of a classic Russian story, told by consummate storyteller David Gonzalez. Two out-standing musicians weave one of Prokofiev’s classics with an original jazz-funk score, as David performs every role against a backdrop of stunning live video projection and moving images by painter Wassily Kandinsky. Filled with comic sparkle, The Frog Bride with David Gonzalez is a “ribbiting” coming-of-age story.”

…at the Wexner Center for the Arts on OSU’s campus. I have never seen anything like this before. It was completely awesome! This troupe travels all around the country doing this performance. If you ever have a chance to see it you should definitely go and bring your children, it was so much fun!

On the way home Thomas and I talked about all the different types of performances we have seen over the years. We’ve been to the ballet many times 2 shows that stand out in memory are Beauty & the Beast and The Nutcracker which we’ve seen several times and in different adaptation, we’ve been to the opera to see Hansel and Gretel, we’ve seen childrens’ productions done at Davis Discovery Center, and productions for children through the Phoenix Theater, we’ve seen a marionette puppet show at the library, we’ve listened to the Columbus Symphony Orchestra and even got a behind the scenes tour of the Ohio Theater, we’ve seen Shakespeare done at Schiller Park and a production of Dickens’ Christmas Carol. I know there’s more but that’s all we were able to come up with during our brainstorming. All of these productions have been seen with homeschooled friends and have been either free or for under $5.00 per person. Columbus has a wonderful art community and there are so many opportunities if you search them out. I wonder will I still go to all of these artful events once my kids are grown up and it’s just me and Dan at home? Or will the end of my days of exposing the children to all forms of art also be the end of my exposure to art?


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