Boys and guns (toy guns that is)

I have always had a strict no guns that look like guns rule. I’m OK with super soaker water guns, and guns made out of duplos, I’m OK with bow and arrows (even when the one that Thomas’ grand parents bought him for his B-day a few years ago could probably take down a deer,) I’m even OK with some explosives; Dan and the boys love fireworks and blowing up 2L bottles. But I have always drawn the line with any gun that actually looks like a gun. It wasn’t until Daniel was 15 before I let him go paint balling with some friends (from COSI, none the less.) And I have put my foot down and said no to any air soft guns, even though he is 17.5 (I think I may lose that battle soon.) Thomas loved when he could tell us it doesn’t really hurt when you get shot with an airsoft gun, without my permission he was playing at another boys house where airsoft guns are ok. His much older brother just loved that!

Last year for one of the many gift giving holidays I bought Thomas caps, no gun just the caps. I can remember when I was young laying out the roll of caps and hitting them with a rock to make a small explosion, I thought he would love it. But no all he wanted was the cap gun to go with the caps. I stood firm and said no guns. But Thomas’ b-day was this week and after 17 years of buying gifts for kids I had nothing left. No ideas. Besides another video game there just wasn’t anything that he needed or wanted, except that blasted cap gun. So today, for the first time ever, I purchased a gun, a cap gun but still a gun. I tried to stay away from anything that would be confused for a modern gun, so we went with the civil war musket replica. But then I got sucked in, it’s a slippery slope and he also picked out the calvary pistol with holster. He has been given strict rules these are not to leave our yard, they are not to be used in the videos he loves to make with his friends, they are not to be brought to other friends houses. I wonder how long it will take for that pistol to be snuck out of the house in the convenient holster that would easily be hidden under a winter coat? This was it, my last steadfast rule, the one thing that I wouldn’t bend on. It’s all down hill from here.


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