Another Easy Breakfast

This is my famous (not really) hash brown & egg scramble. After I plated up Beth’s breakfast this morning I took a picture and she said, “what are you doing?” To which I replied, “I’m documenting breakfast,” and she returned with, “ever since you started blogging you are so weird!”

Anyways back to the breakfast; I hate omelets! I don’t really like the way they taste, they’re a pain to make and they pretty much always look like slop when I make them. Somehow though, Dan’s turn out perfect, go figure. My solution to that is this scramble which I much prefer. Sometimes I saute onions and peppers first other times I don’t. Sometimes I add ham or sausage but usually I don’t since I don’t usually have that readily available. Then I add a bag a hash browns and I cook them until they’re done (I like to cook my hash browns with butter instead of oil or Pam.) I’ve been buying my hash browns at Whole Foods, they’re organic and don’t have any additives, which seems to be on all the potatoes in the grocery store. They’re only $2.00 a bag but I think the bag is smaller than a typical bag of hash browns. Then I scramble 6 or 7 eggs and dump them right over the hash browns, I cook that until the egg is done then I top with some type of shredded cheese. Turn the stove to low and let it sit there until the cheese is melted. This is an easy, relatively quick breakfast that the kids like and can sit on the stove for awhile after it’s done. Which is handy since the kids breakfasts seem stretch over an hour or so. Another thing I’ve found is that if I make roasted potatoes for dinner I always cook extra then the left overs can be chopped up the next morning and used for hash browns. Yum.

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