Day at the Zoo

I was inspired by my friend over at Pepper Paints (is this how all of my blogs are going to start from now on?) to take some B & W pictures in Nov. Out of all the months to pick for a B & W challenge Nov. seems like the worse, especially with all the leaves changing colors. But I did get some fun pictures at the zoo.

Once a month Thomas takes a class at the zoo with his friend Louisa. And while they’re in their class Laura and I walk around with our little people. Since I don’t have my own little person I have to borrow my neighbors little boy, Jaylen.

This is our friend Jaylen:

And our friend Rosalyn:

The penguins are Laura’s favorite animals.

This is the lion that sprayed urine at us. Lucky for us he didn’t really try to hit us; it was a foot or two short. Thomas learned in his class that the lion can spray up to 20 ft. We were only about 5 ft away, so I guess the lion was being nice. He also growled for us later on, or maybe he was coughing up a hairball, we’re not sure.

The elephants were also being more animated than usual. One of them was breaking up a piece of wood and throwing it around.

Funny faces:

and smiles:


2 thoughts on “Day at the Zoo

  1. Lovely!! Especially the first penguin one. I love the way he has his neck turned! New Camera??? Early Christmas present?

  2. No, not yet. I dug out my old camera. I really like it but it has a long delay and they only make a wide angle lens for it, i really want a telephoto lens.

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