Xmas snowflakes

Years ago the kids and I made, what felt like, 100’s of these beaded snowflakes. Recently we got the beads out and amazingly I still had the instructions for these super easy snowflakes. Once you make one and get a feel for it you can alter the pattern so all of your snowflakes are different.

You’ll need pipe cleaners, paddle wheel beads, faceted beads, tri-beads, hot glue gun & Elmer’s glue:

Cut pipe cleaner so you have 3 even pieces (If you get the long pipe cleaners cut them in half) Twist the center so all 3 pipe cleaners are hooked together, then fan out each arm.

string beads on each arm in the following pattern (feel free to alter it for your own design)

* 1 faceted bead
* 1 tri-bead
* 1 faceted
* 1 tri-bead
* 1 paddle wheel
* 1 tri bead
* 1 faceted

put a spot of Elmer’s glue under the final bead on each arm. Then clip off the ends of the pipe cleaners.

After all the arms are completed, use hot glue to secure 1 paddle wheel bead in the center of each side then 1 faceted bead in the center of the paddle wheel.

use clear fishing line to hang your completed snowflakes.

Also you should check out Pepper Paints site she has a great Xmas gift idea that looks like lots of fun to make!


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