Making journals

Beth and I went to a fun art show at Junction Studios in Grandview awhile back and we were inspired to make these journals. Surprisingly, even Daniel joined us in making one. It’s amazing what a girlfriend will inspire him to do.

The process is very easy and lots of fun. First choose an old book that you don’t mind desecrating. 🙂 Thrift stores are a great place to find old inexpensive books. You want a book with a fun cover and good spine, that’s not falling apart. Also start with a smaller book, it can be a bit laborious if you choose too thick of a book!

Then go page by page covering the text with different types of paper. Don’t worry about it being perfect the fun of it is the jagged edges. Which is much harder for me than it is for the kids, I tend to want things to be neat and perfect

Don’t forget to personalize it with fun embellishments.

Then add a ribbon to keep it all together. I also made a drawstring bag to store it in so i could add a few fun pens for journaling, since that is the point. 🙂 Then I shipped it off to a couple lucky people in Seattle for Xmas. Hmmm… I wonder who?

This one turned out a little too fat so I removed a few pages to cut back on the bulk.


2 thoughts on “Making journals

  1. I love these Sheila. If I move to Seattle will you send me one? 🙂 I’m going to try to decoupage the hangers tomorrow. If they turn out I’ll post pics on Facebook. Did you find the magnets?

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