Making magnets

Making these magnets has been one of the funnest Xmas projects we’ve done. They’re quick, inexpensive and easy for everyone to do.

You start with flat clear glass marbles (don’t use iridescent, they’re too reflective to work well) I found a great source at the Dollar General store at the corner of King & High. they come in a bag of about 30 large marbles for $1. If you can’t find the clear marbles on the shelf ask an employee to get you some out of the back, the manager said he has many, many cases of them and he encouraged me to buy lots. 🙂

We used catalogs for our pictures, we ended up with some fun themes; Xmas, candy, animals, and nostalgic toys. Just brush a strong glue (Elmer’s glue, craft glue or mod podge will also work) onto the back of the marble and press it onto your picture. After it dries a bit trim around the edge.

I then brushed another coat of glue over the back of the picture to seal it onto the marble. For this part you may want to use a stronger glue so the magnets stay attached. Then you just press the magnet on and let dry.

Star Beacon in Grandview has a good price on magnets. The smaller magnet on the left is a super magnet (it is VERY strong) they sell for $1.80 for a 10 pack. The magnet on the right sells for .75 for a 10 pack.

Thanks Pepper Paints for the great idea!


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