New Years Resolutions

I read a great idea for creating family resolutions at Kristen’s Raw Blog, that we’re going to try this year. Instead of having just 1 forgotten resolution, we’re going to go all out with a variety of different resolutions covering different aspects of our lives.

So far on my list:

stay enrolled in at least 1 art class all year (I’ve already signed up for a class that starts mon. night, the same night as the OSU bowl game but less TV is also on the list)

lose weight by changing my eating habits and exercising, walking everyday (unless it’s raining) & changing a portion of my daily intake into raw foods (this one I’m really excited about, I still need to do a lot of learning but I’ve found a few resources. If anyone has any favorite raw resources please pass them on.) This past year we’ve quit buying any foods (well sometimes we slip up) with High Fructose corn syrup, MSG, hydrogenated oils & preservatives. We’ve also tried to buy as much local organic food as possible. We’ll continue with those rules going into 2009 and continue to eliminate those unwanted foods that sneak bad things in (like Helluvagood Dip, damn MSG’s.) I’m also going to try to cut back our sugar intake without anyone really noticing. This is where the raw desserts come into play.

less TV & less time at the computer

participate in an art show, Beth and I would love to make a bunch of different things and try to sell them in an art show. We were motivated by all the gifts we made at Xmas and the couple art shows we visited. I don’t know how to register for an art show or how many items you should have or really anything about doing it but it’s on my list to figure out. Plus the time Beth & I spend together making our stuff is worth more than any amount of money we could ever make at the show (just don’t tell her that, she’s really excited about making some money) To have enough supplies for a show we would love to have some friends join us selling their handmade art stuff at our booth. So keep that in mind if you have something that you love to do.

clothing- I want to find companies that don’t use slave labor in making their products. This is something that I really need to become more educated about.

buying less- we need to use what we have and not just buy something when we think we need it. So I will think twice before purchasing any new items.

natural cleaning products- I would like to get rid of all the toxic cleaning products in my house and just use natural alternatives.

natural body products- I would like to transition over to all natural body products, I expect this to be a slow transition as we have quite a stockpile of body products already. But as we need to buy new items I will look for natural alternatives.

OK I think that is all for now. New Years Day we will be decorating poster boards with all of our New Year’s resolutions on them. Then we will hang the boards where we will see them everyday to help keep us on track throughout the year!


3 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

  1. So, it’s Jan. 2. Have you broken any of your resolutions yet? If you keep them all, you’ll be on some sort of higher plain than the rest of us. But somebody has to set the bar.

  2. No, I’m still going strong. 🙂 Well if you don’t count spending money, I seem to still be doing that at unprecedented rates.

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