"That was fun" (and really messy)

My friend over at pepper paints had a cool looking art project. Thomas and I don’t do many art projects now that Beth and Daniel are in school. So after he finished his 20 minutes of school work this morning I suggested we do a painting and surprisingly he was game.

The first step is to use crayons to color a picture. Thomas has been really into pirate ships lately, since he’s been battling Lego irate ships with some friends. So he got a picture for inspiration and colored a great pirate ship.

Next we crumpled up our pictures.

Then we flattened them out and covered them with black Tempera paint. What Pepper Paint failed to mention and I wasn’t smart enough to figure out was that this was going to be MESSY. So I quickly ran downstairs to get us some newsprint so we could paint to the edges without completely covering the table in black paint.

I attempted to rinse the black paint off my picture in the kitchen sink but that was proving to be a huge mess. So Thomas headed straight to the tub with his and rinsed it with the shower. Much easier! Next time we do this we’ll do it outside and use the hose to rinse off the pictures. But when it was all said and done we ended up with 2 really great pictures and Thomas said, “That was fun,” for my non-art kid that’s pretty good!

Thomas’ pirate ship.

My random color picture.


5 thoughts on “"That was fun" (and really messy)

  1. I have a confession to make-I don’t think we used poster paint-because Molly’s didn’t wash off -AT ALL. So I had to show my picture for the blog post. I used a lighter color paint and some of mine washed off.Yours look great!

  2. Very cool craft! And VERY brave mom, doing such a messy craft! I’m a mean old mom who makes the kids do their messy crafting in the garage or outside 🙂
    Your kiddo is a cutie! I met him at food co-op and he was sweetly shy when I took his attendance.

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