Resolution update, March

I decided that each month I would reassess my resolutions and see how I’m doing at sticking to them. Here they are, yet again:

stay enrolled in at least 1 art class: This one has been easy! I love the book making class, so I signed up for a second session and Beth has joined me.

lose weight by changing my eating habits and exercising: I’ve lost 13 pounds since the beginning of the year and I have transitioned to an almost all raw diet. I’m really enjoying learning a whole new way to eat and “cook.” I haven’t been very consistent with exercising but now that the weather has warmed up I’ll recommit to walking every day.

less TV & less time at the computer: Hmm well I’m blogging more and researching raw foods and buying more groceries online so my computer time has not gone down but I’d say my TV time has. And it will go down even more with the warm weather.

participate in an art show: haven’t done anything for this, but Beth and I have been making lots of books so maybe we’ll still pull something together.

clothing- I want to use fair trade companies or shop at thrift stores: well I have been shopping at thrift stores a lot lately but I haven’t been buying any clothes. As the seasons change and the kids need new clothes I do plan on looking at thrift stores before we go to a traditional store.

buy less: Let’s see I’ve been over-hauling my kitchen, getting rid of all the plastics replacing them with glass and stainless steel containers, getting rid of any possible leaded dishes and replacing them with clear glass dishes (there are tons at the thrift stores!) so no I’ve still been buying too much. But I have instituted a strict budget for my spending money so we’ll see how that goes this month.

natural cleaning products: tomorrow I plan on going through the house and pulling all the cleaning supplies that I’m no longer using and giving them away. I’ve switched to home made natural cleaners or eco cleaners from whole foods. I’ll be blogging about this later.

natural body products: This is another future blog…I have been making some strange changes. No more shampoo or conditioner instead I just use apple cider vinegar for a rinse; no more body lotion instead I’m using Grapeseed and Vit. E oil when I get out of the shower; I went through my back stock of body products (from my CVS deal days) and boxed it all up to give away; Beth and I have been researching natural, cruelty free make-ups and she hopes to get a few things for her 16th b-day, which is coming up.

This is the first year I’ve ever made so many resolutions and actually stuck with them, I’m impressed with myself!


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