I miss my lattes

I grew up in Seattle the home of Starbucks and now I live in Grandview where there are at least 8 coffee shops within a mile of my house and we can smell Stauf’s roasting their coffee beans on a warm day. For the past several years I had been going to Caribou Coffee approximately 2-5 times a weeks for a white chocolate- mint latte or one of the several other varieties that sounded good on that visit. My mom, aunt and I would meet every Sunday morning for coffee and time to visit. If I had to go do something I didn’t particularly want to I would reward myself by getting a coffee. On the days I went to work I would get a coffee. Dan and I often walked to Caribou for morning coffees and some time alone. While I was studying for my State Boards I would go to Caribou every morning for a few hours to study and visit with my friend Paulita who was also at Caribou writing her novel. We may have spent more time visiting than working but I passed my boards and she finished her novel so we must have got some work done along the way.

I always had lots of reasons why I deserved to stop and buy a $4.00 coffee drink. On the days when I didn’t go to Caribou I would make my own latte’s at home but they were never as good. Then I broke my espresso machine so that cut out the home lattes. About that same time I decided it was ridiculous to spend that much money on coffee drinks so I limited myself to 1 latte a week. When the New Year rolled around and I made my resolution to only eat raw foods until noon that eliminated any morning latte’s, then I decided to give up sugar and that wiped out the rest. So I have not had a latte since at least Feb. 7 when I gave up sugar but I don’t think I’ve had any since the beginning of the year. I’ve even walked with Dan to Caribou so he could get a coffee and I still resisted. I really miss my latte’s but I have found a replacement that I will have occasionally and while it doesn’t have the smell of coffee that I really love it does taste pretty darn good.

RAW hot cocoa:

Fill a coffee mug half way with hot water

Fill the rest of the way with raw almond milk

Put in a scoop of raw cacao (you can also add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper, that surprisingly goes really well with the cacao, but don’t add too much)

Sweeten with a little raw agave nectar

This is really good and not as syrupy sweet as traditional hot chocolate.

While I was perusing the many raw cook books I’ve been getting from the library I saw a recipe for a Chai Latte and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. So I went to Whole Foods and bought some Tazo Organic Chai –spiced black tea- This is not the same as the premixed Chai latte that are already sweetened and processed, these are just tea bags.

Chai Latte

Brew a cup of the tea but again only fill your mug ½ way with hot water

After the tea was done steeping I filled the mug the rest of the way with raw almond milk

Sweeten with raw agave nectar

I nailed it, this tasted exactly like a Chai Latte from a coffee shop. It was then after my first sip that I remembered I really don’t like Chai. I like the idea of Chai, I like the smell of Chai I even like the first taste of Chai but after the first drink I really don’t like Chai. Bummer! At least I still have my hot cocoa.


3 thoughts on “I miss my lattes

  1. You are a brave woman, indeed. I’m down to one latte a week, but I never use sugar or anything sweet in them. A purist. Going to Seattle next month for a week. Fares were $150 roundtrip and my best friend from middle school will put me up. Cheap. Any suggestions on things I should see or do?

  2. I didn’t know you were from Seattle! That’s where we moved here from, 5 yrs ago! We’re actually Canadian, but we lived in Seattle for a handful of years while hubby pursued two more degrees and I added two Seattle-born babies to our brood 🙂

    I hear ya on the chai — I like to smell chai, bur drinking it? Not so much.

    Your mug of cocoa sounds delish and is nearly identical to how we make it. Yum!

    I’m so impressed that you gave up what was obviously a very strong coffee habit 🙂 You rock!

  3. Hello, I am following you on Twitter because you signed up to follow me- I am not sure how you found me but I am glad you did!! I really like your website and it sounds as though we have a lot in common. Reading through your posts I can relate to lots of them- I am trying to get my family to eat 90-100% raw, we do really well at 50-75% right now but it’s hard to go all the way! (My husband has Ulcerative colitis and I am trying to help him through a flair) I like you post about lattes, I too am trying to quit my bad habit and have found a great replacement you might like too. It is called Teecino (it’s looks exactly like coffee but it is ground up chicory roots, nuts, dates and things like that. You can buy it Whole Foods for like $8 but its in a bag just like coffee and you brew it the same too…just no caffeine or bad stuff…I will sweeten it with almond milk or stevia. I hope I didn’t ramble too much-sorry!!! Stop by my blog and say hi if you’d like!!

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