RAW food restaurants

I was inspired by a friend, that is planning a trip to NY where there are a few raw restaurants, to search for a raw restaurant in Seattle for my trip next month. This is what I found Chaco Canyon Cafe.

I wonder who in my brave family will be going out to eat with me? The food looks and sounds so yummy, I can’t wait!


Patricia Amaya, of Huffington Post, July 2008

Traveling Green From Now On

“Seattle has a restaurant treasure, The Chaco Canyon Café. It’s located in the University District, and is open 7 days a week, here are the hours. Truly environmentally conscious in every way imaginable, this eco-haven of fine dining collaborated with Tiny’s Organic to bring CSA pick ups back to Chaco Canyon in support of local agriculture and the environment. Chaco Canyon Café composts and recycles 90% of their total waste. Wireless internet is available while enjoying a cup of local fair trade, shade grown, organic coffee or tea. Offering a choice between a raw foods menu or vegan menu, you’ll find various dishes beautifully displayed, fulfilling and appetizing. Crowd pleasers and favorites are the Cilantro Pesto Pizza, Nacho Plate, Grilled Vegan Cheese and Soup and Hot Tunaless Melt to name a few. You will leave feeling well nourished and satisfied knowing you helped the environment, local communities and yourself.”


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