Summer Camps

We usually sign the kids up for 1 or 2 camps during the summer. Something they have an interest in that they want to explore a little more in-depth. When they were homeschooling I didn’t worry about being overscheduled during the summer. Summer was just a continuation of our laid back lives. But now that Daniel and Beth are in school they need the summers to rest and recoup from the demands of the school year. Well that’s my thoughts anyway, but my 18year old doesn’t think he ever needs to rest. He thinks it’s ok to be out until 2:30am then get up for class at 9am, go to work straight from class then head to the dive shop for his internship after work, then of course back out to hang with friends after that. So I don’t think he is looking for much down time during the summer. With him the more I have scheduled the less trouble he can find on his own!

So he is signed up for a white water rafting in West Virginia with OSU for incoming freshman. This trip was a great price and it will give him the chance to meet a few other new freshman.

Experience rafting at the top destination for white water in the east—New River Gorge in West Virginia.

  • Raft through the rapids of the Lower New River
  • Rock climb the walls of New River Gorge—700 feet high!
  • Camp in 8-person platform tents at the Rivermen’s New River Gorge Adventure Center

Beth has a little bit busier summer planned. She has been really feeling the affects of going to a charter school that doesn’t offer any art classes. Since it’s an early college high school they focus on finishing high school in 2.5 years so they can start college classes at Ohio Dominican University. Well that would have been fine and good except she’s in school from 8:00-4:00 which leaves very little time for any other activities and she really needs time for her art and sewing. She does do a fashion design class at Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) on Saturday mornings and she has loved that. She has also started taking a book making class with me on Monday nights. But I think she is just missing the freedom that comes with homeschooling. So she is struggling with making a big decision about what she wants to do next year. In light of all that we signed her up for 3 different art camps this summer. First she’ll be doing a drawing camp at the Wexner Center for the Arts. Daniel has done camps there the past several years and has really liked them.

Draw 4 Real, Visual artist Aaron Thomas shows you how to improve your own work with one-on-one tutoring and step-by-step instruction individually and in groups. Learn perspective drawing, and work with still life and the figure and face. This nuts-and-bolts workshop encompasses working with pencil, charcoal, newsprint, and paper.

Next she’ll be doing 2 classes at CCAD; another drawing class (this will be helpful for her so she can really get to work on her portfolio this year, she hopes to go to college at CCAD and admission is based off a portfolio of your art work.) Then she’ll do another Fashion class. That is her intended major at this point in her life. Of course, that could change at any time.

The Ins and Outs of Drawing
Students will develop skills in measured drawing, perspective, value structure, materials, and techniques and create their own body of work. Students will draw in the studio as well as on location. This workshop is a great opportunity to work on pieces for a portfolio.

In this hands-on course students will learn basic pattern drafting and sewing construction skills and apply these skills to their own designs. Fashion industry vs independent designers, Fashion illustration vs flats and pattern vs draping will be explored in this whirlwind introduction to Fashion.

And last but not least Thomas. He has been doing summer camps at COSI for a few years and he loves them! They are one of the highlight of his summer. This year he begged for me to let him do the Roller Coaster camp. The culmination of the camp is a day at Kings Island (for the older kids it’s a day at Cedar Point, this was his last year to get to do the Kings Island trip) I finally relented in light of it being the last year he could do this camp. I’m hoping his older brother (who works at COSI) will request to work this camp and go to Kings Island with Thomas to keep an eye on him. I’m really not being over protective last year when Thomas was doing sailing camp the bus left for home without him on it. Even though his sister was on the bus and apparently too busy to notice that her brother was left behind!

Explore all things moving in this fast-paced week of physics fun! Discover the science of motion and the physics behind thrill rides. Finish the week with a trip to Kings Island, where we’ll put our knowledge to the test!

Then all three kids will again do sailing camp at O’Shaughnessy Reservoir with the Columbus Parks and Recs Dept. We have been doing this camp for several years and besides the 1 incident with Thomas being left behind the kids have loved it!

That’s more camps than we normally do but I think the kids will have fun.

Along with their camps Daniel will still be working at COSI (hopefully saving up some money to take care of his first year at OSU, between the few grants we just found out he’s getting, his student loan and cashing in his savings bonds he’s almost got the first year covered without any help from us. He’s decided that he wants to live in the dorms his first year so it’s a little more expensive than we were hoping but he thinks the experience will be worth it.) He hopes to start working at the dive shop where he’s been interning this year, he’s really been enjoying scuba diving and interning has been a great, inexpensive way to do it frequently.

Beth would like a summer job but i don’t know if she’ll be able to find one. She also should start working on her driving so she can maybe get her license sometime in the next couple years. Plus her and I will be taking a short trip to Texas for a conference that we try to go to every year.

Thomas will be just hanging out and playing with friends. And we all will get to take our yearly trip to North Carolina with Dan’s family. This is definitely the hightlight of the summer for the kids and us.

There’s nothing to eat….

I am so tired of hearing these words, especially from my oldest child, who is now actually 18. What he actually means is: there aren’t any chips, or soda, or candy in the house or maybe he means whatever specific food item he has in his head isn’t already prepared and ready to heat up in the refrigerator. Or whatever food item he put on the grocery list hasn’t yet been purchased (we do have a grocery store within walking distance from our house and he does receive a paycheck, why can’t he walk himself over to the store and buy his own damn tomato soup?) Honestly, at what age does it quit being my responsibility to make sure the child has something to eat? Really at 18 doesn’t he have the ability to feed himself? Especially when there are leftovers in the refrigerator, just not the ones he wants. And there most certainly is food available to him just look at our hutch.

There’s pineapple, kiwi’s, oranges, apples, a pear, bananas, grapefruits, lemon & limes. Certainly you could find something to eat out of that assortment!

and here is tonight’s dinner; a big pot of veggie & cheese tortellini soup (the tortellini’s were added after I took the picture) Yum. It’s a cold, rainy, dreary day; the perfect day for soup. But, of course, Daniel is not even home. Oh well maybe he’ll heat up a bowl tomorrow for lunch.

Tortellini Soup

saute 1 onion and about 4 cloves of garlic in olive oil

add lg container of vegetable broth, and a jar of crushed tomatoes (home grown and canned last summer)

add 2 chopped carrots, 1 chopped zucchini, 1/2 cup frozen lima beans, 1/2 bag frozen spinach

2 frozen pesto mounds (also from last years garden, they’re actually just basil, garlic and olive oil chopped together then frozen)

salt, pepper and scoop of red curry (because everything is better with curry)

let simmer long enough to cook the veggies then add frozen cheese tortellini’s (from Trader Joes, only $1.99 a package, way less expensive than Whole Foods)

Cook about 10 minutes until the tortellini’s are done.

My first henna

Well I finally did it, I henna’d my hair, with the help of my mom. First I gathered all my supplies:

  • 1 container Rainbow Henna, Persian Blonde, $6.99 from Whole Foods (this was the lightest color option besides neutral) ingredients: Cassia Obovata, Chamomile, Lawsonia Inermis
  • Old t-shirt
  • Paint brush to apply the henna (that didn’t really work, we ended up just scooping it on)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Un-petroleum jelly (to use around the hair line to prevent staining)
  • Big plastic bowl & wooden spoon for mixing
  • Apple cider vinegar (you’re supposed to add 2 Tbls to help the Henna adhere to gray hair)

before henna

When when we went to my parents for our weekly dinner date I surprised my mom with the fun task of hennaing my moderately long and very thick hair. We laid out a drop cloth in her kitchen and she went to work. I was a little scared which is why I started with the lightest color option. Not only is using henna supposed to color your hair naturally but it’s also supposed to thicken hair and make it silky and strong. All things that my poor frazzled hair needs right now.

It took about an hour to apply all the henna; my mom is convinced that we did not have enough to cover all my hair sufficiently. She thinks I need to buy 3 containers next time but I think I’ll try two. I’m also going to buy 1 shade darker. So after it was all gooped onto my hair we wrapped my head in plastic wrap and let it sit for about 2 hours. Oh did I mention the smell. Henna does NOT smell good. As a matter of fact it smells exactly like the farm we were at earlier in the day. But once it was on and I was wrapped in plastic I didn’t notice the smell anymore.

I drove home from my parent’s house with my alien looking head covering; very grateful that we were not in an accident or that I didn’t get pulled over for a ticket. Then I jumped in the shower and attempted to wash it all out. That was quite the task. As you can tell from the pictures it looked like I had dread locks and that’s pretty much how it felt when I tried to rinse it. It was dry and matted into my hair. But eventually I got almost all of it washed out.

I didn’t notice any difference in my hair color and it did not cover my gray. I think my hair may be a bit shinier and my mom thinks it feels softer. I’m excited to do it again with a darker color. I’ve read that you can reapply it up to every 4 weeks. So I’ll be packing some in my suitcase and we’ll be spending an evening at my sister’s house in Seattle hennaing my hair!

after henna

here’s my dad making sundaes for the kids

and here are two websites you can go to for more info about using henna

The Henna Page

How to henna your hair