My first henna

Well I finally did it, I henna’d my hair, with the help of my mom. First I gathered all my supplies:

  • 1 container Rainbow Henna, Persian Blonde, $6.99 from Whole Foods (this was the lightest color option besides neutral) ingredients: Cassia Obovata, Chamomile, Lawsonia Inermis
  • Old t-shirt
  • Paint brush to apply the henna (that didn’t really work, we ended up just scooping it on)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Un-petroleum jelly (to use around the hair line to prevent staining)
  • Big plastic bowl & wooden spoon for mixing
  • Apple cider vinegar (you’re supposed to add 2 Tbls to help the Henna adhere to gray hair)

before henna

When when we went to my parents for our weekly dinner date I surprised my mom with the fun task of hennaing my moderately long and very thick hair. We laid out a drop cloth in her kitchen and she went to work. I was a little scared which is why I started with the lightest color option. Not only is using henna supposed to color your hair naturally but it’s also supposed to thicken hair and make it silky and strong. All things that my poor frazzled hair needs right now.

It took about an hour to apply all the henna; my mom is convinced that we did not have enough to cover all my hair sufficiently. She thinks I need to buy 3 containers next time but I think I’ll try two. I’m also going to buy 1 shade darker. So after it was all gooped onto my hair we wrapped my head in plastic wrap and let it sit for about 2 hours. Oh did I mention the smell. Henna does NOT smell good. As a matter of fact it smells exactly like the farm we were at earlier in the day. But once it was on and I was wrapped in plastic I didn’t notice the smell anymore.

I drove home from my parent’s house with my alien looking head covering; very grateful that we were not in an accident or that I didn’t get pulled over for a ticket. Then I jumped in the shower and attempted to wash it all out. That was quite the task. As you can tell from the pictures it looked like I had dread locks and that’s pretty much how it felt when I tried to rinse it. It was dry and matted into my hair. But eventually I got almost all of it washed out.

I didn’t notice any difference in my hair color and it did not cover my gray. I think my hair may be a bit shinier and my mom thinks it feels softer. I’m excited to do it again with a darker color. I’ve read that you can reapply it up to every 4 weeks. So I’ll be packing some in my suitcase and we’ll be spending an evening at my sister’s house in Seattle hennaing my hair!

after henna

here’s my dad making sundaes for the kids

and here are two websites you can go to for more info about using henna

The Henna Page

How to henna your hair

3 thoughts on “My first henna

  1. You can’t tell the difference? Wow, I can! It looks so shiny and glossy in the after pic; the color is lovely and it looks soft and healthy.

    the dreads pic is funny 🙂 You have a LOT of hair!

    Your new color is fab 🙂

  2. Thank you, I think the pictures maybe show more of a difference than I can see. I’m planning on going to Aveda this week to get my hair cut, maybe if I get all those dead ends cut off I’ll feel like my hair is healthier. Plus that will make it easier for the next hennaing!

  3. I read a few tips from another henna product that might help you next time. The company I use is Morrocco Method.

    1) Rinse it out in the bath tub – put a few drops of some oil in the tub (maybe coconut oil?). The oil is optional.
    (Using the shower is harder to get it out.)

    Basically, you take a bath and get your head under the water as if you were rinsing out any ol’ shampoo and conditioner in the tub, working your fingers through it. (When I did this with neutral henna, it did not stain the tub and it’s not supposed to.)

    2) Don’t shampoo your hair for up to 48 hours to let the color really set.

    3) Morrocco Method recommended using neutral henna if it’s the first time using henna because then, when you use the colored henna the next time, the colored henna has something to grab onto (the neutral henna already on your hair from the last time ). So, maybe the color didn’t take really well because it was your first time using henna?

    I don’t know… these were just some tips I thought might help, even though they’re for a different brand of henna 🙂


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