America’s Next Top Model or something like that….

Ever since Beth had a massive growth spurt a few years ago people tell her ALL the time that she should be a model. She’s 16, just shy of 6 foot tall and wears a size 3 jeans. She definitely has a models figure but my response is always the same, I have no idea how to get her into modeling. You always hear about scams where you have to spend 1,000’s of dollars for modeling classes. We actually did go to an acting/ modeling call downtown that Beth heard about on the radio. We walked out of there feeling really sorry for the 100’s of young children all dressed up in their Sundays best with the hope of getting onto a Disney or Nick TV series, knowing that it was one of these scams.

But that all changed recently when Beth was “discovered” at the Colorado airport. She was going to a leadership conference, with school, when a model scout approached one of her teachers and asked them to pass on her business card to Beth’s parents. Of course, Beth called us right away with the exciting news. We thought it sounded a little suspicious but we were impressed that they approached Beth’s teacher and not Beth.

Thomas & I were in Seattle when Beth got home from her trip so Dan was in charge of contacting the agency and finding out all the details. During the 10 days I was gone Beth and Dan bonded over the almost daily emails working out all the details for our first photo shoot. I would get short phone calls or text messages from the two of them so I didn’t feel too left out of the loop. Unfortunately, I kept getting the outdated info and they wouldn’t always remember to give me the up to the minute news. So some of my facebook updates about all the excitement ended up being a little misinformed.

I originally stated that they wanted us to come to New York for a photo shoot and it was all free. Which does add some credence to them being legitimate. What actually happened was they did want us to come for a photo shoot and they are paying for the photo shoot but the first shoot is in St. Louis where their management company is located. And while they are paying for the photo shoot we did have to pay to get here and pay for our hotel. So it’s not all free but we’re OK with that, it seemed reasonable that we would cover our travel expenses.

We decided instead of flying that we would make a family trip of it and head to St. Louis 2 days early so we could see the sites. Which is where we are right now as I type, in downtown St. Louis overlooking the arch. Tomorrow we plan on riding to the top of the 630 foot structure (against my better judgment) next we’ll go to the Budweiser brewing co. for a tour & to see the Clydesdale horses then if we have time we’ll visit the science museum. Tomorrow evening we plan on meeting Jeff & Mary Clarke (the owners of Mother Model Management) for dinner. That will be our first time meeting them face to face and my first time talking to them at all. I have so many questions! It’s hard when all of my information is coming from Dan’s communications with them, he doesn’t ask nearly enough questions.

When I got home from Seattle Dan told me how much he enjoyed having this thing with Beth that was all his. Generally anything that the kids are involved in is with me and he gets the daily updates at dinner. But this was different, he was the parent in charge and this was his thing. And I was told not so nicely that I was not to take it away from him until he was ready to give it to me. So I’ve sat back and let him be the sole communicator. When he hears from Mary or Jeff he first talks to Beth then I get the nightly updates. I’ve been happy to let them have their moment but I’m ready to get involved, I’m not very good at sitting back and not being in control when it has to do with the kids. I’ve done it for so long now it’s really hard to let go, just ask Daniel he’ll agree with that, even though he’s 18 I’m still trying to be in control (it’s not working but I’m getting much better at letting him be.)

Back to my original comment of everything being free, which I’ve now established that “free” is a relative term. One more expense that wasn’t considered was the need for a new wardrobe, yet again. Last month when Beth was going to the Colorado Rockies for her leadership conference and hiking expedition she needed new jeans, hiking boots, new winter clothes because she had out grown her winter clothes (just what you want to buy when the weather spikes into the 80’s.) So what started as an inexpensive trip turned a bit pricey after our big shopping trip. And now again we get a list of clothing basics (or you would think anyways) that Beth needs for the photo shoot. Nothing fancy; skinny jeans, high waisted skirt, shorts, tank tops, bathing suit (bikini & one piece) blouses & leggings. But, of course, Beth didn’t have any of these items except for the tank tops (how is that possible, isn’t that the kind of clothes she wears ALL the time?) So Friday night after school off we went to the mall (ugh) with the daunting task of finding everything we needed. Seriously, finding jeans to fit Beth can take us months and bathing suits please that always takes multiple trips. But we shopped until we dropped and found everything on our list for a mere $355.00, argh! How did that happen? Well we did have to pick up a dress for her Spring formal (a mere $40 at Forever 21) and I did get a sweatshirt and a new pair of flip flops ($35 for both.) So I guess it’s not quite that bad, no it’s still a crazy amount of money for new clothes for one child (and our other teenager was out shopping with Dan for clothes for his Senior Prom. We thought it would be smarter to buy him a suit than renting a tux.) Needless to say it has been a very expensive week at our house!

So that’s where we’re at right now. I’m going to head to the pool for a bit to watch the kids swim. And I’ll update the blog as soon as we get home from St. Louis!


4 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model or something like that….

  1. So exciting. I hope you have a great time and Beth wows them at the photo shoot. Keep us updated on the blog because I’m not on your twitter.

  2. WOW! How exciting! I am looking forward to hearing updates about this — what a thrill for you all.

    You have a beautiful daughter and I hope this turns out to be a wonderful experience for her.

    Enjoy your trip!


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