Designer purses

My Aunt Chris in Seattle has a purse obsession. She very generously would share her bounty with my sister and I whenever we would come to visit. She gave me my first Coach bag, only to have it stolen out of my car at the YMCA a couple years later. I never fully descended into the designer purse obsession due to lack of funds and being busy raising 3 children that suck any spare cash I may have. When my sister moved back to Seattle and only had my Aunt as a shopping companion she quickly succumbed to the purse obsession. Her focus is on Harvey’s seatbelt purses. While they’re a little pricey they don’t come close in cost to a lot of designer purses. I’ve slowly been sucked into the seatbelt purse obsession, getting a few purses as gifts from Dan. One of my secret (or not so secret) covets is the Coach Patchwork purse, unfortunately it is far beyond what I can justify spending on a purse, even at my favorite resale store it is beyond my reach. Harvey’s does have a new line of patchwork seatbelt purses that I have my eye on. However, they are quickly selling out and without any gift giving holidays in the immediate future I think I may be out of luck.

I did just hear from my 16yo daughter of a secret back alley connection to designer purses that we may have to investigate. It seems that a fellow purseaholic friend of ours, who also happens to be a Catholic teen homeschooler, has an inside connection with “George.” A simple call to “George” and he’ll meet you in a convenient alley and open up his van of designer purses at extremely reduced prices. Hmm where do these purses come from? I don’t know but according to my slightly inexperienced but extremely confident teenager they are all “real.” I did see one of these purses at a recent party we had and I have to say I did have some purse envy, it was an awesome oversized purple leather Dolce & Gabanna. I have to admit I had no idea it was a D&G until I heard the story of George from my daughter.

Now the question arises am I brave enough to set up a secret meeting with “George” to investigate his wares?


6 thoughts on “Designer purses

  1. Maybe Aunt Chris would buy you the legitimate patchwork purse so you don't have to meet George in the back alley. It seems a little illegal, and, although I think the price of the purses is ridiculous, I hate for the "artisan" not to get paid. I don't know. Do you think its the right thing to do?

  2. OK I probably wouldn't really do a back alley meeting. But I don't think the designers at D&G or Prada are really seeing a lot of the money from the sales of the purses. ๐Ÿ™‚ But that is why I like looking at thrift stores.

  3. you're right you did give me my first seatbelt purse! Hmm I may be due for another one. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I see you're reading my blog now. I guess I just had to right about you for you to read it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Beth and I were talking about how it works for the designers she thinks that even though the names have gotten very well known the actual designer does still design the whole collection and they do benefit from the sale of the items. I wonder?

  5. I normally read blogs – I just don't usually comment – but I didn't want you buying a purse for a lot of money that may not be genuine – The Louis Vuitton that was given to me was a wallet or checkbook cover or something. But it soon fell apart. It did look good, though. And most people couldn't tell it wasn't real.

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