Day 3 in New York

It was another full day in the city but I don’t feel like there was anything too exciting to write about. We did sleep in a little later but we were still out the door by 8:30. We found a quaint little, open to the street, coffee shop where I finally got to have something yummy to drink and Beth had a bagel with cranberry juice. Then back to SoHo, you’d think we’d know the route by now but we still need to follow our map. We walked around for a bit then sat at a little park right outside the NEXT agency, waiting for our appointment.

(this is the purse Beth bought yesterday in China town)

Unfortunately, they still didn’t have the pictures from yesterdays shoot, so no decisions had been made about Beth’s hair. They did take her measurements and do a few more Polaroid’s. Beth had worn a little bit of eye makeup and she needed to clean it off for the Polaroid’s, which of course made her face all red. So we had to sit around and wait for the redness to go away. Then we were sent off again to explore the city and were told we would have 2 shoots on Thurs. I get the feeling that they’re going to leave Beth’s hair alone and let the layers grow out a bit before they do anything, much to Beth’s disappointment. She was really looking forward to a short funky haircut.

After walking around SoHo for a bit we went to the Art Institute of New York for a college tour. We’ve already toured Columbus College of Art & Design so we had an idea of what to expect with a Fashion Design program, which is what Beth is interested in majoring in. There are a couple other fashion schools in NY that we would like to look at also. While the school obviously has some advantages over CCAD since it is in the fashion capital of the world Beth & I actually liked CCAD a little bit better.

After the tour we stopped at an upscale deli that was very yummy. Much better than yesterdays Subway!

Then we were off to the Garment District where we got to go into a real fabric store, not quite the same as the JoAnne Fabrics that we have at home.

Next on our NY in 4 day tour was Central Park. Beautiful, relaxing, clean, quaint, peaceful are all adjectives that come to mind. It was lovely and I would have enjoyed spending the day there but a storm was blowing in.

So down 5th Ave. we headed with my secret plan of going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You know a storm is coming when all the street vendors start packing up. But we made it to the museum before started raining. Beth was finally able to buy a journal, she has been looking for one all week (do New Yorkers not journal?) But we didn’t actually go into the museum we only had 2 hours before it closed and we were both pretty tired. $30 was a lot to spend on something we wouldn’t enjoy fully. But at least I got to see how incredibly huge it is and I was in the lobby and gift shop, maybe on our next trip we’ll get to see the exhibits.

Unfortunately, as we left the museum it was still trying to storm so we raced several blocks to the subway and headed back down to our little village that I’m really becoming quite fond of. We did have to walk in a light rain for a bit but it was nice and cooling and didn’t even leave our clothes wet. On our walk back to the apartment I saw a sign for Tokyo toys, with Beth’s love of everything Asian and manga I thought that would be a fun store to stop in. Another bonus it was on the second floor of the building, that’s always fun because you feel like you’re finding a secret little shop that no one else knows about. Luckily as Beth was opening the door I noticed the sign that said no minors allowed, all children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Oh, it was that kind of toy store! Needless to say we didn’t go in.

When we finally got back to the apartment we were pleasantly surprised to find a cleaning lady busy at work. Then we noticed that our beds had been remade and our sheets that we had brought from home were missing. We did find them folded up and put away in the closet. I’m hoping she really did wash all the bedding before she put it back away. I did a smell test and I think it maybe smelled freshly laundered, I hope anyways.

We rested for a little bit before we decided to walk around the neighborhood looking for dinner. On our way out of the apartment we decided to check out the courtyard. It is an awesome private courtyard with plants, fountains and places to sit. Very nice, I could imagine living here and sitting out there drinking a glass of wine.

This neighborhood is a great place to take pictures. There are so many places covered with colorful wall art. It seems to cut back on the graffiti when you cover your walls in such great works of art.

We also found a sculpture garden.

And a community garden that is “open for all to enjoy” with a cute table and chairs tucked away under a tree and a small garden cottage. Unfortunately it was also padlocked closed, so I guess that open for all philosophy didn’t work out for them.

We ended up having Sicilian pizza for dinner then enjoying a stroll through the park on our way back home. I love the dog park, it’s so fun to see all the dogs playing together and chasing each other. There was a massive Brindle Mastiff that we saw sitting up on the park bench like a human. We also saw 2 black squirrels, they looked strange and ominous.

That was our day in a nutshell, not as exciting as yesterday but I’m starting to feel like less of a tourist and more like I belong. If I could only learn where all the subway entrances are!

Our steps for the day were 26,447 (that equals 1053 calories and approximately 12-13 miles) that was surprising since we weren’t out as long today and yesterday we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. I guess we walked more than we thought today. No wonder we were so tired.

Food breakdown today:
Cranberry juice 3.50
Coffee & bagel 7.02
2 bubble teas 10.50
2 awesome sandwiches for lunch 21.51
Ice cream bar 2.00
Pizza & soda for dinner 12.00

Total $56.53 (man that $50 budget is hard to hit)


One thought on “Day 3 in New York

  1. I vote hair extensions for Beth. That will grow out her layers really fast. And stop making Beth walk so much, she's going to get even skinnier. You look so short next to her, but the picture of you at the fountain is very nice.

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