Day 4 in New York

Our time in New York has almost ended. Tomorrow we go to the agency to see all Beth’s pictures, talk about the plans for the future and say our good-byes. We’ll have a car pick us up at the agency then head to LaGuardia enroute to Columbus. This has been a fabulous week. Beth and I have had a great time together. We have walked all over the city of New York, we learned how to hail a cab, navigate the subways and barter with the vendors. We’re no longer afraid of walking around after dark and we actually found our way home from the subway through east village without having to use the map. Plus Beth has almost mastered entering the subway through the turnstile; maybe on our next trip she’ll master the skill.

Our day started the same as the others; out the door by 8:30 heading towards SoHo looking for a coffee shop on the way. I’m so sad that I didn’t write down the great place we went to yesterday morning. Since we walk a different route every time I had no idea where it was. Thus we ended up in the world’s busiest Starbucks right next to our subway entrance. They actually had a person going through the line sending pre-orders back to the baristas and an expeditor to make sure the coffees made it to the right people. It also had a line across the very large store. As Beth said that’s some dedication.

When we got to the agency (early, which isn’t a surprise for anyone who knows me) the photos were just coming in from the first shoot. They looked great! As soon as we get copies of them I’ll put a few on the blog. Then we were told that they are going to hold off on doing anything to her hair. It’s long enough that it can be pulled back nicely and that seems to work well in the photographs. So she is not allowed to do ANYTHING to her hair. Just let it grow out then they’ll decide what to do. Next we were given our schedule & directions for the day. Unfortunately, Beth again chose not to listen to me, so she didn’t have her heels with her which she needed for the shoots today. So we raced back to the apartment then raced off to our first appointment in Queens (the opposite side of Queens from where we ended up the other day.)

The shoot went really well, there was a make-up artist there to work on Beth’s make-up and pull back her hair.

The photographer had several outfits for Beth to use. Funny thing about the outfits the photographers use (we found this to be the case at all 3 shoots) they buy the clothes at H&M, leave the tags on, then return them after the shoot. As long as they have a receipt and the tags are on the clothes the store takes them back. We talked to one of the photographers about this and he said they never say anything about it. So if you want to dress like a model in a magazine shop at H&M! This shoot ended about 2:30 and Beth and I were STARVING, besides coffee this morning we had not yet eaten. But our next appointment was at 4 in Brooklyn so we decided to get there first then we would eat lunch.

We made it to Brooklyn by 3 and went to a yummy pizza place for a quick slice of pizza before the 2nd shoot. The second shoot went just as smoothly as the first. The photographer did suggest that I could go to Starbucks during the shoot but I said I’d be happy to stay and watch. Turns out he thought I was just a chaperone not Beth’s mom. He thought I looked way too young to be the mom! That is actually the second photographer that said that. Yes, score one for me! Both the shoots today differed a little from her previous 2 shoots in that the photographers wanted Beth to move some on her own without being told what to do. That confused Beth a little and while they were very encouraging and positive in the way they led her, it did show us what she needed to work on. The first photographer suggested that she start studying some top fashion magazines and looking at the portfolios of the top 25 models to see how they pose. You have to be conscious of what you’re doing with your hands, fingers, knees, feet, elbows and your face. Every time they tell Beth to make an angry face she laughs. She needs to work on her anger in the opposite way people usually mean. Beth felt like she really learned a lot from the photographers today. Also both of the shoots today Beth did in heels, a first for her, thank you G-ma Phyllis for taking her shopping last week for those heels. Beth did OK but she really needs to practice walking in them and we need to get her a pair without straps that she can just slip on & off. With all of the practicing she needs to be doing; walking, facial expressions, moving her appendages, we’ve decided to add a large area of mirrors to her newly remodeled bedroom.

On the way home from Brooklyn we decided to stop by Battery Park (the southern tip of New York) to look at the Statue of Liberty from a distance. It was too late to take the ferries over but we got see her and the Governors’ mansion along with several sculptures and a few more really neat parks.

We also got to see the memorial sculpture for the World Trade Center. It was a sculpture of the world that had been standing in front of the World Trade Center and was damaged during the attack. They moved it to a park in front of the Native American Museum and put an eternal flame and plaque explaining the sculpture. That made me teary and was much more moving than looking at the empty construction area that we visited Tues.

On the subways, this evening, we saw our first subway street musician. It was so enjoyable, even on the very crowded and hot platform, to stand and listen to such wonderful music. We purposely skipped the first train that came by so we could listen a little longer.

After battling the very crowded subways at rush hour, leaving the financial district, we finally made it back to the village where we stopped for a very fancy and yummy Mexican meal. I had cactus for the first time and sangria for the first time (in a week anyways.)

This was our last day seeing the sights of New York, and I loved the whole week. The people were friendly, the city was mostly clean, we almost always felt safe, and it was an experience we’ll never forget. Even if nothing more comes from this modeling adventure at least Beth & I will always have this wonderful trip to remember!

Steps for the day: 23,510 which equals 1032 calories and approximately 11-12 miles. No wonder New Yorkers are all so thin!

Food Budget:

Starbucks $10.40

Pizza for lunch 12.00

Mexican for dinner $60 (it was very fancy and I had sangria, but really I thought the $10 for chips and guacamole was a bit ridiculous, of course, that wasn’t on the menu. If I had know how much it was I would have declined)

Total $82.40, well it was our last big day so we splurged a bit.


One thought on “Day 4 in New York

  1. I've enjoyed reading about your trip because NYC is my FAVORITE place to go. We just went a couple of weeks ago. I'm happy for your daughter; what a fun adventure.

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