Beth’s bedroom transformation

The week before our trip to New York City, instead of shopping for new clothes and making sure we had everything we needed, we redid Beth’s bedroom. I thought I was being a nice mom by helping her do this the week before our trip. Big mistake on my part, the added clutter of having her bedroom stuff spread throughout the house was a bit more than I could take. Not to mention the added expense of a room makeover. Normally I can redo a room very inexpensively; I buy mistint paints and shop at Habitat for Humanity for inexpensive supplies. But not this time, we did try to go to Habitat but they were closed on Sunday when we needed to buy the paint, then we looked at Lowe’s mistints but they only had lime green (which I already have 5 gallons of for some mysterious reason) So we bought 3 gallons of full price paint. Since everything was cleared out of her room this was the perfect time to tear up the nasty old stained carpet and replace it with a wood floor. Luckily we had 4 boxes (100sq ft) of wood flooring that someone had gave us. So we planned on using that and only needing to buy an additional 50 sq ft. Unfortunately, we were not able to use that on a cement floor so we ended up needing to buy the whole 150sq ft of flooring.

Then we needed trim for the room to finish it off. But the end results are quite nice. I keep telling Beth that as soon as she moves out I’m taking over the room for a craft room.

One year ago when we last repainted Beth’s room she wanted to go dark. So she looked through our many cans of paint that we store under the stairs and found a dark brown and dark reddish/ pink paint. I warned her that it was going to be very dark in a small basement bedroom but she insisted. Now a year later she finally agrees with me and has decided to brighten up the room with 1 white wall and 3 light pink walls. It’s like a princess bedroom, I think she is aging in reverse.

Beth & Thomas working together to breakdown a built in shelving unit that we couldn’t move out of her room.

And here’s Beth in her, finally finished, new room complete with vanity area.

And a large cork board/ dry erase board for all of her newly inspired fashion design ideas.

With LOTS of mirrors to practice all those model poses (bought at IKEA for only $8 each)

Dust ruffle from the thrift store for $3, sheets from target for $7. Corner chair folds out to a bed, also from IKEA but it was bought on a previous trip. Nothing completes a princess bedroom like a picket fence bed. So we dug out her old bed frame that was being stored behind the freezer. Which required us to buy a new mattress set because I had given away the old box spring. Another unexpected expense. It didn’t help that my mom went with me to buy the mattress then for some mysterious reason felt the need to upsale me to the nicer pillow top mattress. Was she earning a commission off the sale? I don’t know. I do know that she wan’t pulling out her bank card when it was time to pay. 🙂

Built in shelves for Beth’s collection of all things Asian. It amazes me that I can watch Dan build beautiful shelves all over our house that are absolutely perfect and appear to be so simple, yet when I do the same thing it looks like amateur hour at the woodshop.

Complete with beads over the outside of the door (bought at a farm sale for $3) and a magnetic board mounted on the inside of the door (discarded from an old 5/3 Bank, then spray painted purple.)

And yet another dry erase board covering the entrance to the crawl space, I love dry erase boards! Yes, in case you were wondering that is a shiny purple gas meter. The prettiest gas meter on the block!

It’s amazing what all we can fit into such a small room!


3 thoughts on “Beth’s bedroom transformation

  1. I like the headboard on her bed. It looks like a little picket fence. All of the mirrors are very cool. We're mirror deprived in my house. Maybe you could come do my boys' bedroom. They hate living in the basement.

  2. hate the basement? Everyone LOVES the basement, that's where you get to play your music loud and nobody comes snooping through your room. 🙂 Well actually i spend a lot of time in my kids rooms. Hmmm I would love to help you with their rooms. We'll have to brainstorm over some drinks thinking of what they like and what cool things we could incorporate.

    Beth's room is now like a funhouse there's so many mirrors.

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