New York Fashion Week

NY Fashion Week is Sept. 10-17 and while Beth is not there this season there are plans for her to be in the Feb. shows. So now I sit and read all I can about how fashion week works and about all the NEXT models that are participating. This article about NEXT, the agency that is representing Beth, just came across a tweet:


September 2nd, 2009 by stephan

The only thing better than being a Next Model Mgmt agent this season? Being a Next model. The privileges? The chance to be a part of the fastest rising power board in New York right this minute. Imagine for instance the charts of that recently crowned Vogue queen, Karlie Kloss. It is bound to be immaculate. Follow that up with the pristine bookings that the likes of Anja Rubik, Anna J, Catherine McNeil, Abbey Lee, Imogen, Kendra Spears, Myf, Karmen Pedaru and Katie Fogarty will command and what you have is a roster of girls critical to every casting director in town. Next has battled brilliantly to maneuver itself into this commanding position so it is intriguing to note that unlike last season’s lean, mean blue chip collection of Top 50 girls, SS 10 is jammed with a rush of newcomers. With as much as 14 newbies marching to market (led by the much buzzed about proposals, Anastasia K and Rachel Rutt) this is the season when Next has chosen to roll out the latest finds from its rigorous scouting system. Girls like Martha Hunt, Mathilde, Cailin Hill, Nicola, Paulina, Valeriya and Tati may trust in the knowledge that Next now proceeds armed with massive ammunition in its ability to break girls into stardom. In the midst of all that recession and depression trauma that has rocked the New York modeling industry, it is very exciting to see that this powerful combination of fantastic scouting, impeccable management and hardcore business ambition has skyrocketed Next into the global big leagues. And rifling through this SS 10 show package you get the very clear sense that the rise is not over yet. Stay tuned.

It is exciting to know that such a successful company is backing Beth, I just wish we were in NY for this season!


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