First day of classes at OSU

Not being able to talk to my child every day is driving me crazy. I’m dying to know more details than the few texts or 30 second conversations are giving me. I want to know what he did yesterday at the Community Commitment Day, or if he remembered to go to his first scholars meeting yesterday afternoon. I did talk to him for a second last night and he told me he was eating hot dogs at the synagogue. Hmm… Kosher hot dogs? Yes, and they were free. Which explains why he was at a synagogue.

Since I still get copies of his OSU emails I now know which groups he signed up for at the involvement fair: Ultimate Frisbee (which he loves to play,) Racquetball (which he’s never played before but I could see him liking,) haven’t received anything from the skydiving group yet, and there was an email from a  Christian group that had a picture of sailing on the top of the page but no mention of sailing in the email. I remembered that he said he signed up for  a sailing group, hmm was it really a Christian group disguised as a sailing group or has Daniel found religion? I doubt it was the later of the two. 🙂

Today is the first day of classes; he loves that his first class is never before 11:30am.

Today’s schedule is:

11:30-12:18 Chemistry 121, lecture

2:30-3:18 Math 150, lecture

Thursday is a little more intense:

11:30-2:18 Chemistry 121, lab

2:30-3:18 Math 150, recitation

3:30-5:18 Engineer 181.02, lab

There is no time to eat on Thursdays, until he’s done with classes. But a full day of labs is way better than a full day of lectures!

Fridays schedule:

11:30-12:18 Chemistry 121, lecture

12:30-1:18 Engineer 100.12, lecture

2:30-3:18 Math 150, lecture

3:30-4:18 Engineer 181.02, lecture

(Monday and Tuesday are the same as Wed. and Friday)

That works out to 14 credit hours, plus lots of homework. So hopefully, the partying will end and the studying will start!


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