Back to the modeling

We’re packing up our bags and heading out. Not to Europe but to St. Louis for fashion week. Beth will be walking in her first ever runway show and oh boy is she nervous.I’m glad her first show is going to be in a much smaller setting. I think we would both be nervous wrecks if we were headed to NY for fashion week.  This should be a nice way to ease into it. Plus Beth’s agents Mary and Jeff will be there and they will be working with Beth on her walk.

We’ll be driving to St. Louis with my parents and Thomas. Dad and Thomas will explore the city during the day. While Mom, Beth and I will be doing model stuff. Hair, make-up, fittings and learning how to walk. All that fun stuff. Then in the evening we’ll all gather to watch Beth walk in the shows. So far she’s on the schedule for Jillian Lewis (2008 project runway designer,) Bolongaro Trevor and Michael Shead.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the Bolongaro Trevor show last season:

And last but not least Beth is finally on the NEXT website under new faces

I’ll be posting more from St. Louis!


3 thoughts on “Back to the modeling

  1. You’re right that going with a smaller show should help with nerves, but face it, she’ll do fine, and be nervous, either way. Those firsts, first in St. Louis, first in New York, first in Paris, will all be terrifying. St. Louis is Earl’s favorite town ever! Have fun

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