St. Louis in the morning

Nothing exciting to post yet. Last night we had a fun yet uneventful night at our hotel. Beth & Thomas played in the pool for hours then we got a pizza and hung out in the room watching TV & reading. There are 5 of us sharing a room so we got a suite and everyone had a comfy place to sleep. Beth and Thomas were battling for the pull out bed. Beth won it for last night with Thomas planning on getting it tonight. Unfortunately G-ma is pulling rank and taking the pull out bed the rest of the trip so her & G-pa can have their own room. For some unknown reason they feel compelled to wake up at 3am. Which won’t be quite so bad when we switch to the casino/ hotel today. Then they can go down and gamble for a few hours before our day gets started. No wonder they go to bed so early!

It’s a rainy day in St. Louis today. Not sure what Dad and Thomas have on the agenda for today. I know they plan on visiting the Budweiser Brewery, the transportation museum and the arch during the week.

Beth has to check in at the HoteLumiere at 1:00pm to prep for the Jillian Lewis show. She’ll have several hours to practice her walk and make herself even more nervous. She was practicing her walk last night in the hallways of the hotel. Besides not knowing what to do for the turn at the end she was doing pretty good.

I should have something more exciting to post after the show tonight.


2 thoughts on “St. Louis in the morning

  1. “nothing to post yet” — and then 3 paragraphs? sheila, in YOUR life there’s _NEVER_ “nothing”… 😉

    Beth will be beautiful and cool and fabulous. We will be thinking of her walking around your house at the impromptu party in those TAAAAAALLLLL shoes: that surely counts as practice for the runway!

    hugs — p

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