Beth’s first runway show (with video)

DSC01036Well we made it through the first day of Fashion Week. It was a roller coaster of a day for me. But Beth had an awesome time and that’s what it’s all about. Beth checked in at 1:00 and we were told right away that moms can wait over in the studio area and Beth needed to go behind the curtain with the models and designers. Of course, Beth didn’t want to leave my side. She didn’t know anyone there, all the other models looked way older and much more experienced and she still didn’t know what to do about that pesky walk. So we did what all people thrown into new situations do we stood there looking silly waiting to see what other people would do. Finally we saw another mom and model and that mom walked right behind the curtain with her daughter. OK then we’ll just walk back like we know what we’re doing. Nope, didn’t work for us we were told again we needed to wait in the stage area. But that person was a bit friendlier and did tell Beth where she needed to go. So Beth very bravely left our side and went in search of her designer.

In the mean time mom and I headed over to the chairs that were set up around the runway and found the one small grouping of other moms (that all seemed to know each other) and attempted to join their group. While listening in on their conversation I realized that one of the women was the mom of a model that we’re familiar with that works with our agents. So during a lull in their conversation I jumped in. They were very friendly and welcoming and they filled us in on what to expect throughout the day. We sat chatting and listening for several hours while Beth was behind the curtain doing the same thing with the other young models that she found backstage.

Besides a few texts and a brief visit Beth was on her own, behind the curtain, from 1-8:30pm when the show finally started. Then she had to wait even longer since her show was the last one to walk the runway at about 9:30pm. But during that time she made friends with other models, got their phone numbers and bonded with her designers. Jillian Lewis design is collaboration between Jillian and her husband. Both of whom told Beth that she “touched them” and they want her to stay in contact through email and let them know the next time she in NY. Since Beth’s ultimate goal is to become a fashion designer these are the types of moments I was hoping for. Several years from now when the modeling has died down this may be the opening for a great internship. Jillian also told Beth that she looked like a NY model and that she would do great out there.

DSC01056Now on to what everyone really wants to hear about; her actual time on the runway! She was on the runway 3 times; she had 2 outfits to show plus the parade of models at the end of the show. She did great (even with those super high heels, which I really wanted to take a picture of but was told by Beth that I wasn’t allowed.) She was supposed to look “bitchy” which we think she pulled off just right. The designer didn’t want them doing anything fancy, no poses or fancy turns. So she walked to the end of the runway, paused for the many photographers then turned and walked back. No stumbles or crashes, whew! It was nerve racking her first time out, for all of us. And I breathed a huge sigh of relief when she retreated back behind the curtain. She loved what she was wearing, she loved her designers and she loved the other models she met. All in all it was a perfect first experience. We finished up pretty late so I don’t have a lot of details from Beth yet. But I did hear about how she had to strip down and change clothes in the open back area (and there were male models back there.)My little girl who won’t change clothes in front of me is now comfortable changing in front of a room full of strangers, boys and girls. We knew it was going to happen but I’m still amazed that she’s so quickly gotten to the point where she’s lost her modesty. That usually doesn’t happen until after childbirth for most women.

Oh I almost forgot a really fun part of the show last night. It opened with Clinton and Stacie from What Not to Wear, surprising a girl in the audience. She was nominated by friends for her really bad dressing. So she was pulled up on the runway and subsequently humiliated by her choice of outfits but in the end she gets a free $5000 shopping trip in NYC. A little humiliation can sometimes be a good thing. Thomas and I did notice the girl in line while we waited (2.5 hours) to get into the show and we did have a bit of a laugh over her outfit. She had on furry Ugg type boots and crazy multi colored dreads. Since they were really filming for their show they did a few takes of their intro and we all had to cheer at the appropriate times. They also panned the camera through the audience so you may see us in the show. I don’t know if they were filming behind the scenes or if the crew stuck around and filmed the shows at all. It will be fun to watch that episode to see. Note from Beth she thought Stacie was a total brat back stage, apparently she did not like the directions that were given to her so she told them how she WOULD be doing it instead.

So for today we’re going back to Steve the photographer that started it all for Beth and doing another test shoot. Since our last visit with him 6 months ago Beth has been to NY and done shoots with 3 other photographers. It will be neat to see how she’s grown. She was so nervous her first time with him, she had no idea what to do or what to expect. This time she won’t have those nerves to contend with.

After the photo shoot it will be back to the hotel to check in for the Byrd show she’s in tonight. She’ll finally be like a real model showing up late for something. Of course, it’s out of our hands since we’re just following the schedule that was given to us. We also need to find a clothing store for some underwear necessities that we didn’t think to purchase beforehand. And a grocery store where we could buy some healthy snacks. The restaurants here at the casino/ hotel are crazy expensive and we really could use just some plain fruit! Mom, Dad & Thomas may be sent on those errands while we’re at the photo shoot.

This morning I’m the one awake at a ridiculously early hour, typing this blog in the bathroom so I don’t disturb everyone else. Still pondering how I can get dressed and get out of the room, to the coffee shop at the casino where there is actually free wi-fi, without waking everyone up?? And really regretting that I’m awake so blasted early because I know it is going to kill me tonight if Beth is in a show. Ah the life of a blogger.


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