Day 2 and another round of shows

Today went off without any problems. Beth had a great shoot with Steve. This is one of my pictures from the shoot.

Then made it back to the hotel in time for check in for the Byrd show. Beth had 3 outfit changes in the show tonight and with the model parade at the end she was on the runway 4 times. She said she felt her shoes slide at the end of the runway each time. But if they did no one besides Beth noticed. She was much more comfortable with everything today, we all had a better feel for how the shows work. I love the super funky music they play for these shows. There have been some great remixes, I wish there was a way to buy the soundtrack.

These are one of the crazy, high pair of heels that Beth had to walk in.

Tomorrow is more of the same; check in at noon and a show in the evening with Bolongaro Trevor. Since it will be Friday night the show should have a full attendance. I may also find some time to do a little gambling since we are in a casino (I’m up $20 so far!)

I’ll be posting the videos from this show later today, hopefully.

Tonight’s runway had a different look:


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