Day 3 in St. Louis

Friday brought us back to the chaos that I think often surrounds the fashion industry. The designer Beth was walking for, Bolongaro Trevor, had a major wardrobe malfunction. They are designers from the UK and a majority of their clothes got help up in customs in Memphis. So they were being driven up by Taxi, getting here only hours before the show. Which doesn’t give them much time to decide who’s wearing what and then fit the outfits. Plus they still need to press/ steam all the clothes. This may have contributed to the late start of the show. Our tickets say 7pm but they didn’t even start seating until 8:30. But once the shows get started they go pretty quickly.

here are some pics from the Bolongaro Trevor show, for pics of the other models go to STLFW at flickr:

and here are the videos:


3 thoughts on “Day 3 in St. Louis

  1. Beth looks so much more comfortable on the first video you posted for this show. Does the outfit make a difference? She seems to have a little more swagger in the silky dress than in the minuscule skirt.
    The very first picture here, she looks so much like Dan. I never thought she looked like Dan, but there he is, right in her face.

  2. I agree w/ Paulita — she has her hips thrust a little more forward and a lot more swing to her step in that 1st one. The dress is gorgeous and she looks really beautiful in it. And I was also struck by how much she looks like a really pretty version of Dan. Let’s get him in some of these funky leggings and little dresses & see if he can hit the circuit…

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