Videos from day 2

Here are the videos from Day 2 of fashion week:

Here are some pictures that have been posted on Flickr from fashion week:


6 thoughts on “Videos from day 2

  1. Emma, Hannah A & Emily G. are slowly waking up from their sleepover here. They can’t get over how lonnnnnnnng Bethy’s legs are in all these photos. Emily didn’t recognize Bethany at all…Hannah says “It was really awesome.” Emma loved the fuchsia/maroon tights. The photos were great…Lots of love to you all —

  2. What’s with the strange symbols on the side of my comment? I thought Pam had added hers, but I definitely did not add the ferocious looking one by my comment above.

    • Those are just random avatars that pop up. I can switch it to no avatar. I liked the monsters better than the geometric design. 🙂

      From Sheila’s cell phone

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