Our last day in St. Louis

Beth was in an afternoon show on Sat. which meant a 7am check in. The girls were all tired but they were there and ready to work. For some reason Beth was expecting an “old white guy” for the designer, I guess the name Michael Shead lends to that image.  Instead he was a young hip African American man that was a lot more fun to work with that an old white guy. He had very strong opinions about how he wanted the girls to look on the runway. When they do the run through the designers talk to the girls and make any changes in their walks or looks. With Michael he showed the girls exactly what he didn’t want he told them , “don’t go out there and do none of that Clydesdale walking, that is so ’02” and if you gave him any of that “horse shit” he would just pass you off to another show. For some reason when a gay man says that it’s just funny. He also told all the models that he picked them because of their looks but he’s watched them throughout the week and loves all their walks. Then he specifically told Beth that he wished she lived closer because he would like for her to be in another show he’s doing next Sunday. And he told her that she is so “editorial” I guess that means she should be doing some magazine layouts. Beth just loved him and they are already friends on facebook.

Michael Shead #2 Micheal Shead Michael Shead #3 Michael Shead #4

The other highlight on Saturday was that Beth found out that all the girls that walked in the Bolongaro Trevor (the designers that came in from the UK) show would get to go through a box of their clothes and keep something. Yeah free clothes! That had the girls running around the hotel frantically trying to find the person in charge so they could get first dibs. They ended up having to wait until after the night time show. So at 9:30pm there was a group of girls along with Attilio one of the co-owners of fashion week, heading down to choose their items. It was like one of those bridal sales you see on the news, girls were stripping down to their thongs (they no longer seem to care who they change in front of) and trying on everything while looking for the specific clothes they wore in the show. Beth and her friend Hillary were the last to make their choices, there were so many things they really wanted that just couldn’t decide. Everyone else had had left long ago and Attilio had to get to the after hours party so the girls were left alone in the room with all the clothes (and all the shoes that were used in all the shows) waiting for the other co-owner, Jill. Attilio mentioned that the girls may be able to go through the other 3 taped up boxes of clothes but he wasn’t sure so they had to wait for Jill. When Jill finally arrived she said no they had to choose from the box they had been looking in. This spurred a whole new session of playing dress up. Finally the girls made their choices. Beth ended up with the blue dress that she wore in the show. maybe when we’re in London we’ll get to go to the Bolongaro Trevor store and Beth can wear her new dress.

Speaking of London Jeff has said that setting up our Europe trip is first thing on his agenda for Monday. The plan is for us to go for 4 weeks and he said he wants us to be home in time for Thanksgiving (as do we.) By my calculations that means we’ll be leaving very soon, like this week! But we’re still waiting to hear the final plans.

Here are some more pics from the week:

Beth being weird




head shot #2 head shot


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