A fun day at Coco Keys

Coco Keys Water Park was offering a fantastic deal. Get here between 3 and 5, M-TH and get in for free. Well how can you resist that? We couldn’t! So we got our free tickets on line with 2 extras so we could bring our neighbors Karen and Victoria (because it’s always more fun when you have a friend along.) And here we are. I played in the water with the kids for awhile then I grabbed my laptop and headed to a private cabana (you’re supposed to rent them but the very nice attendant told me I could use it so I could plug in my computer) to catch up on blogs. I’ve had several ideas floating around in my head but no time to sit and write them. The offer goes through next week. If you pair it with a trip to The Works Museum in Newark you would have a very full and very fun day!

As for the water park it’s not as big as some that I’ve seen advertised. While it’s open until 9pm I think the kids will grow bored of it long before that. There are 3 large slides that don’t open until 5pm, a smallish lazy river, a family hot tub that is not too hot, an adult hot tub, a small challenge course (well 4 floaty things that you have to walk across.) a play area for wee little ones, and a larger play space with the ever popular large bucket that dumps water every 15 minutes or so. There is also a pool area with basketball hoops. All the regular stuff you see at water park but on a smaller scale. It was definitely worth the drive for free tickets but I think it may be geared towards a younger crowd.

There is also a pizza hut express that we planned on eating dinner at (since you can’t bring your own food) $18 for a med cheese pizza may be where they make back their money. A better option would be to bring some food for the car eat before you go in and then eat when you leave. We didn’t think that far ahead but instead of the very overpriced pizza we stopped for dinner on the way home.

These next 2 pics were taken underwater with my awesome waterproof camera.
Our neighbor Victoria, this is my favorite picture of the day!
I loved how the water park looked when the sun went down. It had a much more peaceful feel, even with the music and many, very loud children.

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