Engineering students and Halloween

IMG_3262Every year for Trick or Treating we go to my mom’s house and walk around her neighborhood for our candy collection. Since Columbus doesn’t understand that trick or treating is supposed to happen on Halloween we often get to double dip and go one night in Hilliard and another night in our neighborhood in Columbus. This year we had all the regulars players; Dan, Beth, Thomas, my mom & dad; we also had an unexpected visit from Daniel. He came home from OSU with 3 friends so they could stock up on candy to get them through midterms. It was nice seeing him and meeting some of his friends. They seemed like great kids that had no problem putting on a costume and trekking through the neighborhood. A positive difference between Columbus and the rest of the country, people don’t seem to mind when older kids trick or treat as long as they’re polite and wearing a costume. My kids have always trick or treated and no one has ever said anything about them being too old.

So after the allotted 2 hours of candy gathering (another difference from the rest of the country, the time is highly regulated. You trick or treat from 6-8pm and that is all. My kids would die if they knew in other cities you start at dark and stay out as late as you want.) Anyway after gathering more than enough candy we headed back to G-ma & G-pa’s house to examine the loot. Daniel and his friends were sharing 2 bags between the 4 of them. So what are 3 engineering students (and 1 undecided) to do with all that candy? Sort it into very precise piles, of course. Each candy was put in its own group; split up by type, size and color, then divvied up exactly equal. With a debate over who should get each extra piece when it wasn’t equal. It was all done very analytically exactly how you would expect a bunch of engineers to go about it!




What you may ask did we do with all that candy? IMG_3264


Well the college kids took theirs back to campus where I’m sure it was devoured. But Bethany & Thomas, after a bit of cajoling on my part and a few days of candy eating, gave up what was left of their candy in exchange for $25 each. With all the hype about the flu and the effect that sugar has on lowering your immune system I just didn’t want them to have anything extra taxing their systems.


Thomas as a ninja


Beth as The Backseats man, she is so weird!

2 thoughts on “Engineering students and Halloween

  1. Okay, but why spend two hours trick or treating if you’re just going to pay them for the candy anyway? Give them $25 and let them hand out candy. What did you do with the candy, by the way? Are you and Dan eating it all?

    • Well that is a very good point. But they like the whole process it’s fun to walk around getting the candy, then they come home and sort it and trade for their favorites (at this point they didn’t know I was going to ask them to give it up) then they did have a couple days of candy eating before they gave it to me. So I guess that’s why we still go trick or treating.

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