Birthday breakfasts

Thomas recently had his 12th b-day. 12 years ago I was upstairs in my bedroom delivering Thomas on my waterbed with 2 midwives, an apprentice and my family all present. For future reference do NOT try to deliver a baby on a waterbed! But I digress this is about birthday breakfasts. We don’t have a lot of family traditions but one that has lasted through the years is crepes for birthday breakfasts. This tradition started in a completely different way; when I was much younger whenever I would spend the night at my best friend Patti’s house she would make me crepes for breakfast. I love crepes! Somehow that turned into me making crepes for the kids on their birthdays. It’s pretty much the only time we make crepes but they have come to expect it year after year.

Actually making the crepe batter is super easy, just dump the ingredients in the blender and voila you’re done. The bigger challenge is having all the fillings and toppings prepared. This year we were without one of the favorite components, chocolate ice cream but we did have all the other favorites. Bananas, blueberries, strawberries, jam, cream cheese, dark chocolate chips, chocolate syrup (with HFCS how did that sneak into the house?) whipped cream and real maple syrup. This breakfast has not been healthafied like so many other things in our house. But they are eating a lot of fruit along with all the sweets so 3 times a year we’ll let it slide.


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