Back to St. Louis and that “damn bikini”

Beth and I are heading back to St. Louis for the weekend!

Beth has been asked to do an editorial shoot for Corridor 40. (on the right side of the web site is a girl with white make up, if you click on that it opens an online magazine. I think Beth’s photo shoot is for the new magazine.) The shoot will be at the Ha Ha Tonka Castle in the Ozarks. (which is quite a haul from St. Louis.) It was alluded to that the shoot will be outdoors, brrr!

Whether or not to go this weekend was a very hard decision for Beth. She had planned on going to a school dance at her old high school with some of her friends, that she hasn’t seen since last year. She really wanted to go to the dance so we originally told Jeff that we didn’t think we could make it. But after thinking some more about it we decided that we didn’t want to hurt her chances of more modeling jobs being offered. So after much angst she decided to go to St. Louis and set up another time to get together with her friends.

During Beth’s talks with her agent about this weekend she asked if she was getting paid. Beth’s friend Lena and I were with Beth but only hearing her side of the conversation. Beth got all excited and squealed, “that’s a lot of money.” Lena and I wondered to each other what Beth’s idea of “a lot of money,” might be.  Apparently, to Beth anything over $100 is a lot of money, and this just barely qualified. 🙂 (in her defense that is equal to 1 of her paychecks from the bakery where she works once a week.) I then explained to her that the trip is costing almost $1,000 with airfare, hotel and rental car.

Then just last night we were informed that she needed a black bikini. Of course, it is Dec. there’s a dusting of snow on the ground and winds that can knock down trees, so off we went to a favorite outdoor mall. It was ridiculously windy and cold walking store to store on this quest for the elusive black bikini!

Finally, at the very last store, at the far end of the mall we found a black bikini. Could the store be one of the affordable teen stores at the mall? No, of course not. Apparently, only at Nordstroms can you find swimming suits this time of year. $120 later, we got the “damn bikini.” At which point I reminded her that she’s not even getting paid enough to cover the cost of the “damn bikini.” Modeling is like an expensive hobby not quite a paying job at this point in her career.

I did tell her to leave the tags on, I know from past experiences that she’s probably not going to even need that “damn bikini” and we can always buy another one online for a fraction of the cost!

During our drive home Beth pondered why rich people would shop in stores that charge so much for clothes. We discussed the difference in the quality of the clothes. And I pointed out that Nordtroms was an incredibly nice environment to shop in, with the very spacious and not overly crowded sales floor but Beth just wasn’t buying it. We decided to stop at Target on the way home, due to a tip from our neighbor that they have their bathing suits out. They did have a black bottom (for $15)  but no black tops. So Beth tried on the bottoms and has now discovered why people shop at expensive stores. Of course, the bathing suits at Target didn’t fit right; one was way to low showing too much booty cleavage and the other, “goes up to my neck,” according to Beth. Plus they felt hard and scratchy. Not nice and soft like the Nordstroms suit. I think circumstances beyond my control may have just created a very expensive shopping monster!

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