Christmas week Photoshoot

Tuesday night on my way to pick Beth up from work I got a text from her agents asking if it would be possible for Beth to come to St. Louis on Wed. for a photo shoot with another online modeling website. The feature is about MMM (Mother Model Management) and some of their up and coming new faces and those on the verge of break out! Beth was asked to join the shoot at the last minute, possibly because of the Corridor 40 editorial?

Well let’s see 2 days before Xmas, winter storms all over the Midwest…umm sure we can do that. So home we went to book a flight. Instead of sleeping in on Wed, finishing up our Xmas shopping, wrapping gifts then going to a Xmas party at a friends, Beth and I got up at 4:00am and headed to  the airport. We got to St. Louis without any problems. The weather was ok and the crowds were minimal. Jeff picked us up at the airport and we went straight to the shoot.

There were 7 girls at the shoot, plus a make up artist from NY that was running the production, a hair stylist, a clothing stylist and Jeff. We were later joined by a couple really cute boy models, Mary and 2 of Jeff and Mary’s grown up kids. I was the only mom at the shoot because there just wasn’t much space. It made for a long day of standing (literally standing) around watching the shoot. Photo shoots are really not very exciting to watch. Hours are spent prepping the girls then more hours are spent on the actual photographs. It’s not nearly as glamorous and you might think. Most of the models were girls that Beth had met at STL fashion week. So after a couple hours of awkward silence they warmed up to each other and chatted just a little. They don’t all know each other quite well enough to feel completely comfortable so it’s not as much fun as it could be. But as the day progressed they all seemed to loosen up a bit.

The shoot was about 30 min from the airport, so I told Jeff we needed to leave at 4 to make our 6 o’clock flight. He thought we could push it to 5 or later but we did threaten bodily harm if he made us miss our flight and leave us spending Xmas in STL! As the clock slowly approached 4 I was getting a little nervous that the shoot would never end. I envisioned spending Xmas at an airport, just Beth and me. Thanks to some rushing and Mary staying on top of the clock we did leave the shoot at 4, being driven by one of the aforementioned VERY cute male models. And not only was he way cute he was very sweet and got us to the airport in plenty of time.

Beth and I attempted to check in when we noticed that we didn’t need to rush after all, our flight to Chicago was delayed by an hour. Hmm…ok well that means we’ll miss our connecting flight. Which, of course, was the last flight out of Chicago Wed. night! At this point tears started pooling in my eyes and I just wanted the man behind the counter to fix it. Our options were to spend the night in the STL airport and fly out in the morning, fly to Chicago spend the night in that airport and hope we get to fly out in the morning, fly into Indianapolis and have Dan drive 3.5 hours to pick us up at 10:30 pm. None of those 3 were great options. While were waiting in line to make one of those changes I called SW airlines to see if they could book us on their last flight of the night to Columbus. Yes, they could get us on a direct flight to Columbus at 8pm for only $80 each. It was definitely worth $160 knowing we would be home tonight and not stuck, because of bad weather, in an airport on Xmas. By the time I got off the phone with SW I had made it to the counter so I could cancel our tickets with American and even more amazing they refunded my ticket price for the return flight so I got $350 back. Ka-ching! I ended up making $200 in this transaction.

The flight home was the worst flight I have ever been on. I really thought for a while we were going to die (although the flight attendants didn’t seem nearly as freaked out as I was.) It was bumpy and more like a roller coaster than a ride on a jet. We did finally make it home at 11:15pm. It was a grueling day but when we see Beth’s face on the website it will all be worth it, I think.

Either way I’m just glad we made it home for Christmas!


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