The remaking of a room

Our house is over 100 years old, it’s not the type of house that you move into and everyone chooses a bedroom then that’s how it is until someone moves out and the kids fight for the bigger room. Our rooms are very fluid. They are constantly changing. The “bedroom” off the kitchen is one of those rooms that has housed everyone in our house at one time or another.

When we first moved in Daniel was 4, Beth was 2 and they both were sleeping with Dan and me. The room off the kitchen was all of our bedrooms with the large upstairs room being a playroom for the kids. We soon found that didn’t work since the kids never wanted to be upstairs. So we moved our bedroom upstairs and the downstairs room became the playroom. That made much more sense since it was off the kitchen.There we all stayed for a few years until after Thomas was born.

Then came the major renovation of the upstairs and for 18 months no one could use the upstairs room so back downstairs we all came. When my completely remodeled upstairs bedroom was finished it was time for Daniel and Beth to stay downstairs in their own rooms.

Since Daniel was the oldest he claimed the big room while Beth got the room the size of a closet. But to make the tiny room more appealing we cut a secret door in the floor that dropped into a very secret crawl space. We made it cozy with a carpet, rope lighting and curtains around the walls. The kids spent many years playing in their secret room.

Eventually Beth needed more space so a bigger bedroom was built for her in the basement (still attached the crawl space that she has claimed as hers forever more.) While Daniel stayed put in his big room off the kitchen.

Years rolled by and Thomas kept residence in our bedroom. Eventually due to a wresting match that broke many of my glass fairies he was extricated to the small room downstairs. We did try to have him share the bedroom with his brother but their 7 year age difference made for an unhappy living situation for both of them.

As Daniel got older and spent much less time at home it made sense to move him into the small room and give Thomas the big bedroom. Score for Thomas! Daniel actually liked having the small room (and it prepared him for his college dorm.)

Finally Dan moved his office out of the basement and I got to redo the space he had been using into an awesome new bedroom for Daniel. Who surprisingly didn’t want to move into the basement at first. Eventually he came around when he realized that he could play his music louder and have more privacy. Not to mention the refrigerator right outside his door.

Thus leaving Thomas all aloneย  on the main floor of the house. Well that didn’t work for Thomas, he felt vulnerable and all alone. So back up to our bedroom he moved. Reinhabiting the little cubby/ closet that fits a twin size mattress perfectly. His room was still downstairs he just slept up in our room.

If you’ve been following all the moves around the house good for you! It’s hard to keep track of where everyone has been through the years. But wait we’re not done yet. Immediately, once Daniel moved out to the dorms at OSU (literally I mean as soon as we got home from dropping him off) Thomas claimed the downstairs bedroom. He feels comfortable sleeping in the basement since Beth is down there and he doesn’t mind the reptiles that Daniel left behind.

The room has been left in transition and Beth has claimed it as her sewing room when it’s not being used to play the Wii or Rock Band.

And now I finally get to do what I’ve been wanting to do for years but have not been able to due to some kid always being in my way. Starting next week I will be emptying the large room off the kitchen. Then I will tear down the wood siding and plaster and lath boards along with the ceiling and built-in closet/ cabinets. I will remove the wall around the doorway and open it up to the kitchen. I will have Dan frame in a new door way to the small bedroom (which is now an office.) and we will tear down the wall separating the room from the living room. Then Dan will frame in the existing window that looks directly into our neighbors kitchen and replace it with a higher up horizontal window. Next we will replace all the electric, add insulation to the exterior wall, then finally drywall everything. Soon this will be a dining room that is open to the kitchen, living room and office. I’m giving myself 3 months to get it done. Just in time for Spring when we’ll be moving outside to tear off the front porch and build a new porch plus redo all the landscaping in the front yard!

It should be a very busy new year. What happens you may wonder when Daniel come home this summer from college, I haven’t thought that far ahead, maybe the new front porch will be done and he can live there. ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “The remaking of a room

    • I would love for you to help. I’ll let you know when I get to a point that help will be helpful. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to have the space for parties, too. Maybe then the guys will get to sit down and not have to stand in the kitchen all night. ๐Ÿ™‚

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