Spa party!!

I am so lucky to have a great group of friends. There is a group of us moms (as we refer to ourselves, no loss of identity there) that have been together for many years. We homeschooled our kids together; we did classes, co-ops, play days, field trips. You name it we all did it together. We didn’t realize how good we had it until we didn’t have it anymore. Now a good majority of our kids have entered high school and some of our group no longer have any kids at home. So they have returned to work while the rest of us still homeschool our younger kids. But it’s not the same, we lost our community. Our group has dwindled down to just a few. And while we still love the time we spend together it’s just not often enough.

The one time we do all get together is for our parties. We were just together for new Years Eve and had a great time. Now just 6 nights later we got together again for another party, a spa party. Not only have a lot of our kids moved on to high school but some of them have even moved on to college. So when we had a couple of our college girls home for break I thought it would be the perfect time to have a mother/daughter spa night.

Candles were lit throughout the house, relaxing music was playing in every room. I had my massage table and hot stones set up in a bedroom. While foot baths were set up in the living room along with the shiatsu massage chair and the hot wax dipping pot. I gave back massages and others worked on giving foot massages and pedicures. Still others massaged shoulders while the recipients were painting nails.

We also had spa food (because you can’t have a party without food!) Mimosa’s made with fresh squeezed OJ and champagne, sparkling water with fresh lime, lemon water, cranberry scones and fresh pineapple.

For some in the group this was their first time experiencing a “spa.” I’ve spent a lot of time in different spas since I’m a massage therapist and a spa junkie. I can say without a doubt that our home spa was just as nice as a lot of the real spas that are around the city. And it was much cheaper!

Of course, what really made it great was having all our older girls together again, it’s been much too long. These girls grew up together doing Girl Scouts and sleepovers and drama clubs with each other. But over the years they have all gone their separate ways. We need these parties so we can all reconnect and remember what a great thing we used to have and what a great family we still have.


3 thoughts on “Spa party!!

  1. Thanks, Sheila. I can still hear the Tibetan monk music. And my eyebrows are so slick. You’re a wonderful spa hostess (and massage therapist). It was a lovely, fun night with good friends.

  2. Thanks, Sheila, for having us over. I am particularly happy that Sarah is heading off to Spain not only having been pampered but having been surrounded by this community of women who have helped her become the adventuresome, confident person she is now!! It was a great evening…

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