Day 7 on the Fat Flush diet

Sunday was kinda a blah day, it was rainy and gray and I spent hours and hours ironing. But the bright side we’re on the last season of Gilmore Girls. I got the complete series for my birthday and the kids and I have been having a marathon Gilmore Girls since Feb. But we’re in the homestretch, season 7, just in time for spring so we can stop watching so much TV and get outside!

Here’s what I ate yesterday:

Cup hot water with ½ lemon juiced and a dash of ginger & cinnamon.

Shot of cran/water with Healthy Liver Tonic and GLA supplement

Breakfast (10:30): 2 scrambled eggs topped with fresh home-made salsa; not as good as the salsa we make when the garden is in full swing but pretty darn good for store bought tomatoes

Lunch (12:30): Cherry/ Peach smoothie (1 cup frozen cherries/ peaches, 8oz cran/water, whey protein powder, flax, chia seeds) I wanted a pretty pink smoothie today so I left the kale and spirulina out.

Dinner (4:00): Salad topped with sprouted mung bean salad, tossed with the flax oil dressing. I also had an all-natural Andouille chicken sausage that caught my eye at Whole Foods.

Snack: 4 dill pickles (this probably isn’t allowed on the diet due to the salt content, but they were homemade and yummy)

Dessert: Cherry/ Cacao smoothie (1 cup frozen cherries, 1 frozen banana, 8oz cran/water, chia seeds, 1 Tbls raw cacao) I was dying to try this combination with a frozen banana so I figured what the heck. It was yummy, but it could have used more cacao. It was still a satisfying dessert. *bananas are not allowed on the diet

Before bed: finished off the cran/water & GLA supplement

*I’m drinking my 64oz of cran/ water throughout the day until the pitcher is empty in the evening.

My weight check-in for today: I relost that pesky pound that returned yesterday so that’s good news. Hopefully, it will stay away this time.


3 thoughts on “Day 7 on the Fat Flush diet

  1. It doesn’t sound like you’re eating enough. I know you get to the point where you’re so sick of the foods on the diet that you’d rather not eat, but I think you should add more food. A veggie snack, a chicken breast, a burger. Something! Just my 2 cents

  2. You know I’m never hungry (except when I wake up or when we’re running errands and I miss a meal) the rest of the time I have to make myself eat just because I know its time to eat.

    Then yesterday I had a smoothie which was gonna be a snack but really turned out to be lunch, since the next time I ate was 4. I’m really hoping to start walking more this week, since it’s supposed to be nice out, maybe that will make me hungrier.

    But i know what you’re saying I don’t want to eat too little and cause my metabolism to slow way down cause then you don’t lose weight either.

  3. I had that problem yesterday. I never felt hungry I had to force myself to eat a salad for dinner at 7… I think its drinking all the cran water.

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