Day 8…Fat Flush Plan

And I’m sure everyone is tired of reading about this diet. 🙂 I’m going to blog through the first two weeks since that’s how long Phase 1 lasts, then I’ll stop blogging so as not to bore you to tears. BTW the book that actually explains phase 1, 2 & 3 is the Fat Flush Plan. The book I showed at the beginning has a yearlong healthy approach to eating. So if you really want all the information for this 2 week jump start you should read, Fat Flush Plan. I also found a few web sites that covered a lot of the information: Smoothie Shakedown this is a pdf of all the basic info, this site gives a good synopsis of the diet, ivillage has message boards discussing the diet (but I didn’t find them very helpful, and here’s a link with Fat Flush approved recipes.)

I did try to eat more yesterday and really follow the recommendations of the diet.

Here’s what I ate:

Cup hot water with ½ lemon juiced and a dash of ginger & cinnamon.

Shot of cran water with healthy liver Tonic and GLA supplement

Breakfast (10:00): Cherry/ Peach smoothie (1 cup frozen cherries/ peaches, 8oz cran/water, whey protein powder, flax, chia seeds, kale, spirulina)

Lunch (1:00): Salad with Kraut, Mung bean salad, hard-boiled egg, dressing and salmon on the side. Oh my gosh that was filling, while I’m able to keep the salad smaller that before it is still a very dense salad!

Dinner (5:00): All natural Andouille Chicken sausage sautéed with some onion and Salad topped with fresh salsa, 1 Tbls of flax oil and a squeeze of lime. That salad was really good, I’m going to keep fresh salsa in the fridge for a salad topping, yum! (**it just dawned on me that this sausage would not be allowed because of one of the ingredients, so no more sausage)

Snack (8:00): apple

Before bed: finished off the cran/water & GLA supplement

*I’m drinking my 64oz of cran/ water throughout the day until the pitcher is empty in the evening.

My weight check-in for today:

My weight stayed the same today, so if you don’t count the up and down I have basically stayed at the same weight for 4 days. I think the biggest factor is lack of exercise. So I am going back to my friend’s routine of 3- 30 min walks a day. Lil’ Anne, my dog, will be so happy. Also one of the recommendations on this program is to use a rebounder (mini trampoline) for 20 min a day. It’s supposed to really help move the lymph around and that helps break down cellulite (at least according to the book, not sure if that’s true.) So I need to get my hands on a rebounder, I would love to add that to my daily exercise, the benefits of using them are impressive, read more here at Kristen’s Raw.


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