Day 11 and why Flax oil…

Hmm… not sure how to put this so as not to share too much information. J Yesterday was the start of my cycle (is that ambiguous enough?) so maybe that is why my weight has been stuck. Since it snuck up on me without any warnings I can say that all this healthy eating did help with not feeling bloated, super tired or grumpy leading up to yesterday. One more added benefit of eliminating all sugar, caffeine and wheat!

The only oil that I’ve been using during this diet is 2 Tbls of Flax oil a day. That is NOT to be used as cooking oil, no heating it up. You can use it as a salad dressing, drizzled over veggies, or if you just need to get it into your diet you can add it to your smoothies. I’ve been using it as a salad dressing or at least poured over my salad. So why do we need to take 2 Tbls of flax oil a day?

Here’s one good reason written by Dr. Sears:

Flax oil is one of the best sources of omega 3’s, flax oil is also a good source of omega 6, or linoleic acid (LA). Sunflower, safflower, and sesame oil are greater sources of omega 6 fatty acids but they don’t contain any omega-3 fatty acids. Flax oil is 45 to 60 percent the omega-3 fatty acid alphalinolenic acid (ALA).

Flax oil can be slimming. Fats high in essential fatty acids, such as flax, increase the body’s metabolic rate, helping to burn the excess, unhealthy fats in the body. Eating the right kind of fat gives you a better fighting chance of your body storing the right amount of fats. This is called thermogenesis , a process in which specialized fat cells throughout the body (called brown fat) click into high gear and burn more fat when activated by essential fatty acids, especially gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). I have personally noticed that I crave less fat overall when I get enough of the healthy fats. A daily supplement of omega 3 fatty acids may be an important part of weight control programs.

Read about all the benefits of flax oil and flax seeds

Here’s what I ate yesterday:

Cup hot water with ½ lemon juiced and a dash of ginger & cinnamon.

Shot of cran/water with Healthy Liver Tonic

Breakfast (10:30): Cherry/ Chocolate smoothie (1 cup frozen cherries, 8oz cran/water, whey protein powder, flax, chia seeds, kale, 1Tbls raw cacao) & GLA supplement. The smoothie was so good today, adding the extra cacao really made a difference, I honestly probably put a little more than a Tbls in.

Walked for 15 minutes, (pretty wimpy, I know, I had to walk Ann to the vet and back)

Lunch (1:00): grilled tuna with wasabi and Salad with Kraut, Mung bean salad, beets and dressing

Finally worked in the yard for about 2 hours, that should count as some exercise, right?

Dinner (7:30): grilled hamburger patty with Dijon mustard and onions, steamed cauliflower with kelp & cayenne seasoning & GLA supplement

Dessert: baked apple, this was very yummy; I peeled and chopped 2 mushy apples sprinkled with lots of cinnamon and a little ginger & allspice, poured in a little cran/ water then baked at 350 for about 20 min. I hate half last night and I’ll have the rest today. Yum! With that I also had a fat flush approved recipe of spaghetti squash custard. I was so curious about this recipe that I had to try it but it really wasn’t very good. You take 2 cups of cooked spaghetti squash, 2 eggs, 1 Tbls cinnamon, 2 packets of Stevia Plus (the only sweetener allowed on the program) and blend it all up. Then bake for about 40 minutes at 350. It was not sweet at all but it did have a custard consistency. It was OK with the baked apples on it. Probably won’t make that again. However, if your kids really like custard you may want to play with the recipe and serve as a healthy replacement to traditional custard. You would need to add some other type of sweetener and add more of it, plus I’d add 1 or 2 more eggs and more cinnamon and maybe some fruit. It does have potential, who knew you could do that with a spaghetti squash.

Before bed: finished off the cran/water

*I’m drinking my 64oz of cran/ water throughout the day until the pitcher is empty in the evening.

My weight check-in for today: down another .5 a pound. Maybe this is my breakthrough! Total weight loss so far 6 pounds.


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