Day 14, 2 week check in

Well it’s officially been 2 weeks from when I started but I don’t like the idea of doing my measurements right after a holiday. As for Easter I did ok but I felt like I was on Atkins, I ate more protein than anything else. It was a weird day for food. I did manage to avoid all the candy throughout the day, all the starches at dinner and then all the desserts after dinner. For dinner I just ate some of the salad I brought and ham, which wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t feeling very hungry anyways. I was pretty proud of myself for not just sitting down where all the snacks were (chocolate fondue and cheese and crackers!) and eating away like I normally would.

Here’s what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: 3 pieces of bacon & GLA supplement

Walked to Caribou with the family and my parents (this I couldn’t resist) med. white choc. latte with skim milk, yum!

Easter Dinner (2:00): ham and salad (the salad was very yummy it was the same as the Mung bean sprout salad that I made before but I added cut up grapefruit and a few dried cranberries, plus lots of spinach. The dressing was 1Tbls flax oil, 1Tbls hemp oil, juice from 1 lime and 2Tbls liquid aminos, which have way too much sodium to be allowed on the diet so these will be put away again)

Snack: a few strawberries

2nd dinner (7:00): more salad and 2 deviled eggs, made w/ 1Tbls of canola mayo & seasoned with garlic powder, cayenne, kelp & paprika. (Canola mayo has 1043 mg of omega 3’s per Tbls)

Finished off the cran/water & GLA supplement

*I’m drinking my 64oz of cran/ water throughout the day until the pitcher is empty in the evening.

My weight check-in for today: stayed the same again, total weight loss for the 2 weeks: 6 pounds

Measurements: (these are not completely accurate since I did my initial measurement 2 days into the program and I had lost 2 pounds by then)

Hips: down ½ inch

Right below belly button: down 2 inches

Waist: down ½ inch

Chest: down 3 inches

Thigh: same

Upper arm: down ½ inch

So following the fat Flush Plan almost 100% I did not see the results that the author said I may. But I feel good, I feel like I look better in my clothes (the dreaded muffin top is slowly disappearing.) I’m motivated to stay with this program because I think it is a much healthier way to eat. And I should be getting my order from Vitacost today that has some of the other recommended supplements that are also supposed to help with fat loss. And maybe in another 2 weeks there will be an even more significant loss.


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