Back after a 2 week break

For the last 2 weeks I have been a bit more lax about what I’ve been eating. I dropped the lemon water in the morning but I did continue with the cran/water throughout the day. I haven’t been eating the eggs but I’ve continued with the smoothies, although not every day. I wasn’t eating as many salads and I found that I was hungrier than before. I think I wasn’t filling up on healthy choices which would sometimes make me grab the unhealthy choices, like tortilla chips & salsa, my nemesis! I pretty much stuck with no dairy, no breads or grains and no sugar. I did add soaked oats for breakfast a few days and I had a white chocolate mocha from Caribou. Plus there were a few dinners out with friends so pina coladas and wine were enjoyed. But for the most part I stuck pretty close to the guidelines. However, there was enough straying that I didn’t see much in results for weight loss. My measurements stayed the exact same and my weight only went down by .5 pound.

I have 17 days until my trip to Seattle and I would love to lose 8.5 pounds by then, not very realistic, I know. So I’m thinking that I will go back on the 2 week (or actually 17 days) Fat Flush Plan, and really stick to it like I did the first time. I’ll add my 3 walks a day and this time commit to using the rebounder every day. I found that I did better with my food choices when I knew they were going to be blogged about, so I plan on blogging my progress again. I excited to get started again, I do feel healthier when I’m following this plan and it’s easier to avoid all the treats when I’m full from veggies.


One thought on “Back after a 2 week break

  1. I think it’s amazing you’ve been able to stick to it. I’m lucky to have stuck with my no caffeine, no alcohol for two weeks. Can’t wait to break that streak.

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