Community Art Hop

Last night we got together with some friends to stroll through the Grandview Art Hop. The weather was nice (in the beginning) while we made a pass by some of the local artist’s booths. We had to made a quick trip back home to drop off Lil’ Ann, and refill our Sangria filled coffee mugs. We met up with a few more friends and headed back. We were really going to listen to our teenage friends band have their debut gig. The kids were terribly nervous about performing in front and everyone and they didn’t feel like they had practiced quite enough. They were down one of their band mates, who forgot to tell his parents about the gig and was already committed to a piano recital. But even with those setbacks they got up on their cement stage and played for all to hear. We were all really proud of them. They did  a great job, I hope they’ll be back at the art hop next month with some more confidence and no rain to make them pack it in early.

We lucked out by grabbing the near by seats right away, leaving us to just sit back, listen to the band, drink our Sangria and visit with friends. It was a lovely way to spend an hour before the rain came in. Then we moved the party back to our house where we finished the night by playing Quiddler, the small word game. Which is really quite fun, even when you’ve had a bit too much to drink. When looking through the dictionary to check on the spelling of words one must remember that the alphabet does not go L M N O J, I was having a hard time with that.

Beth took some great pictures on my very temperamental camera, that was actually working after we bought a new memory card. Hopefully it will get us through our trip to Seattle then we can send it in for service.


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