A weekend break from dieting

This weekend was kinda hit and miss for the diet. Friday night I went to the community launch party for Wonderland with some friends, we also went to dinner at the North Market. Dinner was a Greek salad, but since it mostly consisted of lettuce (with some feta cheese that I tried to avoid) it left me hungry then when I got home there were a couple small pieces of pizza to tempt me. On Sat we had friends over for the Grandview Art Hop, so I had a few drink and more than a few chips. But all was well when I weighed myself Sun morning; my weight had stayed the same. But for some reason on Sunday I was sitting around the house all day, watched Avatar (awesome movie!) and we finally finished the 7th season of Gilmore Girls (I got the whole series for my b-day in January and the kids and I have been watching it from the beginning, 155 episodes!) so it was a lazy kinda eating day, I did all right until the evening when I had pretzels and dip. So I made some bad choices over the weekend and I really didn’t feel my best after eating those items.

I did, however, create a very yummy smoothie combination this weekend: 1 orange (peeled) a few frozen blueberries, ½ frozen banana, 8 oz cran/water, flax meal, chia seeds, scoop whey protein powder and a squirt of flax oil. Very yummy indeed!

So today’s weigh in is: up .5 a pound. I feel like it was a wasted weekend, since I have a self imposed deadline of where I want to be when I leave for Seattle. But these days off do help remind me why I want to eat healthier. I really don’t feel great when I stray from eating this way. I was really dehydrated after drinking Sat. night and I just felt blah all day Sunday. So I’m reinvigorated to eat healthy and try to get some exercise in this very rainy weather!


2 thoughts on “A weekend break from dieting

  1. Those don’t sound like very big cheats to me. You should be proud of yourself that you didn’t go on a chocolate binge, which is probably what I would have done if I were cheating on my diet. I think I’ll go have some now!

    • you know what really helps with chocolate cravings? The smoothies I make with the added cacao. It is really like having a thick chocolate milkshake but without all the bad stuff. Plus the smoothies have so many good things added in and the raw cacao is really high in magnesium, so its definitely a win-win. When I don’t have time for a smoothie but I have to have some chocolate, I will splurge on a piece of very dark chocolate, 1 square. Plus there’s the health benefits of dark chocolate so I don’t feel bad about that.

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