6 days and only 3 pounds left to go

…until my trip to Seattle, I’ve almost hit my goal. This was just a mini goal along the way to a bigger goal. After Seattle I have 32 days until my trip to North Carolina and if I don’t gain any weight in Seattle then I’ll have another 10 pounds to lose. Then I think I’ll be done with losing weight and I’ll focus just on staying healthy and maintaining my weight. These smaller goals do help so the whole process is not too overwhelming.

What I ate yesterday:

Hot lemon toddy (hot water with ½ lemon juiced and a dash of ginger & cinnamon)

Breakfast (8:30): Fruit smoothie (1 cup frozen strawberries/ blueberries, 8oz cran/water, 1 scoop whey protein powder vanilla, 1 Tbls ground flax, 1 Tbls chia seeds, 2 kale leaves, 1 Tbls cacao powder)

Then I went on a couple field trips with the kids which left me starving so I ate a Luna Bar (protein bar) that Beth had brought along.

Lunch (2:00): Salad topped with fresh salsa, tuna fish mixed with canola mayo, and dressing (Dijon mustard, flax oil, apple cider vinegar & dill ) CLA & GLA supplement

Walked for about an hour

Snack (6:45): apple

Dinner (8:00): Salad topped with fresh salsa & steamed broccoli plus flax oil and apple cider vinegar

Walked for about 30 min

Snack (9:30): 1 apple & a cacao/ peanut butter cookie

Before bed: CLA & GLA supplement

*I’m drinking my 64oz of cran/ water throughout the day until the pitcher is empty in the evening.

This morning’s weigh in: I lost 1 more pound, total weight loss 12 pounds, yeah!


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