Pike Place Market

I’m trying out a new way to upload photos to my blog, unfortunately they posted right away before I had a chance to actually write the blog to go with them. (what do other people use to quickly & easily upload photos to wordpress.com from Picasa?)

Here are a few of the photos from our day down at the waterfront and Pike Place Market.

Dan was being silly:

For just a quarter you can see the worlds largest shoes. These are just silly but the kids always like looking at them.

Dan found this button that was for sale, it has my dads name on it:

They were filming the guys at the fish booth, we actually got to see them throw (and catch the fish) normally we miss that.

The kids wanted a Texas sized doughnut (they’re huge) but they were sold out, so they had to settle for normal sized doughnuts.

Isa wanted a fairy head band from one of the shops at the market and how could we say no?

Beth had her name written in Chinese Characters:


4 thoughts on “Pike Place Market

  1. For photos-I download into picassa and then upload into a file in my documents and then upload into to flickr. I have a flickr widget on my blog and so I choose the photos from my flickr gallery on my post page.
    That fish market looks so cool!
    We used to have conveyor belt sushi on the corner of High St and the North Market Street. Too bad it wasn’t that cheap or maybe it would have stayed in business! Looks like you are having fun!!

    • Ok lets see, I also download into Picasa, I just discovered the upload into a file, I don’t use flicker although I do have an account. I’m using wordpress.com (not self hosting and using .org) so not sure if the flicker widget works with that. Have you ever used posterous? I did my first 2 seattle blogs using it, it’s pretty awesome, fast and super easy. But it posts directly to the blog instead of posting as a draft which I would prefer. Now I’m trying out windows live writer and that seems to be working pretty well. I can copy & paste the picture file right into the document and it uploads instantly without the long wait I was having with using just wordpress dashboard.

      I do want to ask you about your friend that helped you design your blog, I would like to make some changes that I need help with. and I would like to switch to wordpress.org (so i have more flexibility) and find a place to host.

    • ooh I forgot to say…the location in the Short North that used to have conveyor belt sushi has been taken over by our good friend Rick Lopez, his restaurants have been up in Powell previously. The new restaurant, Knead will have a daily changing menu focusing on local in season foods. He’ll be using the vendors from the north market in addition to other local farmers. Also my very talented hubby has been spending all his spare time building the interior of the restaurant, converting it from sushi place to bistro. It will be opening soon so everyone will have to check it out. We plan on eating there quite a bit since he is so close to us.

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