Conveyor Belt Sushi

How had I not heard of this culinary pièce de résistance. My sister and I had to check it out, and luckily there was one right down the street; Genki Sushi, the original conveyor belt sushi restaurant.  Everyone sits around the center island where the sushi is being made and placed on the conveyor belts. Then as it slowly passes around the restaurant you grab the plates that you want. It’s like a sushi buffet that comes to you.

It was so much fun and very inexpensive. We got 11 small plates of sushi for $22. Some were better than others; the ones we liked were pot stickers, California roll, sockeye salmon, Zuke tuna, surf clam, tempura shrimp, spicy tuna roll and the tempura roll. The broiled eel or Unagi was not nearly as good as what I usually get and the Inari (rice rolled in some type of shell then deep fried, ending up soggy & sweet) and the salmon cream cheese roll were just gross. A chunk of creme cheese does NOT belong in a sushi roll. The plates cost either $1, $1.50 or $2 depending on what you get. Each plate has about 3 bites on it. Our 11 plates more than filled us up.

It’s definitely not high quality sushi more like fast food sushi but it was a fun experience.

CIMG0133 CIMG0130 CIMG0132


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