Pho fascination

No matter where we travel the country seems to be the same. The same chain restaurants and stores are in every city. I don’t want to go shop at Target or Wal-Mart when I’m on vacation I want to visit small local shop that are actually selling something I can’t find in Columbus. I also don’t want to eat at the same restaurants that I can eat at any day of the week.

I’ve managed to try a few things during this trip that I don’t normally see at home. Conveyor belt sushi, chicken teriyaki, king crab legs, fresh fish & chips straight off the boat and Pho.

The Pho was calling to me, probably because there is a Pho restaurant in every strip mall we drive by. In the years that I’ve been gone from Washington the Asian population has grown dramatically in the Seattle are. And because of that you see more Asian restaurants and Asian grocery stores than anything else. Its fun to be in such a culturally diverse area especially since I’ve grown accustomed to Columbus, OH which isn’t really known as a Mecca of diversity.

So Pho is basically a noodle soup with some type of protein (chicken, beef, brisket or tripe; which seemed like strange choices to me) in a broth with a few scallions floating on top. There was an accompaniment tray that had basil, bean sprouts and peppers to add to the soup. The sprouts did add a nice crunch. We went to Pho Hoa which gets good review from friends but honestly I wasn’t that impressed. The Pho (that I didn’t realize was Pho) that I had in Columbus at the North Market was much better. It had rice and veggies added with just a little broth so it seemed more like a meal in a bowl than just a noodle soup. My sister is now inspired to check out more Pho restaurants to decide which one is her favorite. She has plenty to choose from!

CIMG0158 CIMG0159 CIMG0160 CIMG0161 CIMG0162

Just one more of the Pho restaurants; Pho Hut (instead of Pizza Hut?) we also saw a place called What the Pho. I wish I had a camera with me all week to record he many Pho restaurants we drove by.



2 thoughts on “Pho fascination

  1. Bummer that you weren’t impressed with it. Will you try other Pho restaurants or are you moving on. Nice cleavage shot. Is that you or Shawna?

    • No, with only 2 days left I’m done with Seattle Pho. But now I am craving the place at the North Market. I didn’t even notice the cleavage shot, that was Shauna.

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