Dan’s fishing trips

One of the big parts of our trip to Seattle was Dan, Larry (my sis’s hubby) and big Larry’s (Larry’s dad) planned fishing trips. They had a 4 day trip, home a day, then a 3 day trip.

The first trip was to Westport (3 hours away from home) where they had 2 days of fishing for Halibut, Ling Cod and Rock bass. Both Dan & Larry caught their limits and got to keep fishing to catch the boats limit.

P5110032 P5110034

P5110035 P5110039 P5120051

On the way there they also had to battle the Fat Smitty. Little Toe (Little Larry) and Dan killed the Smitty while Big Toe (Larry’s dad who the rest of us call Big Larry but Dan for some reason has taken to calling Big Toe) couldn’t quite finish his.

For those that don’t know the Smitty is a monster hamburger and Fat Smitty’s restaurant is apparently a travel destination for people all over the country.


The second trip was to Neah Bay (6 hours away from home) where they had 1 long day of fishing for Halibut & Ling Cod. They were up at 2:30am, at the docks by 3, then they steam out for about 3 hours to get to where they’ll fish, a day of fishing, 3 hours back to shore, then back to the cabin at 8pm.

This was the trip where Dan caught the biggest fish that he’s ever caught, a 50# Halibut! While he was excited about the halibut they enjoyed fishing for the ling cod even more. In Dan’s words they’re easier to hook up with and they fight like mad while the halibut takes more skill to hook and comes up like a brick (whatever that means.)

P5140070 P5140076 P5150081 P5150093 P5150095 P5150096 P5150109

They’re already planning next years trip; fishing for tuna which is further out and a 2 day trip spending the night on the boat. I love rare cooked tuna so I’m really looking forward to this!


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