The biggest chicken coop I’ve ever seen

When someone says they want to build a chicken coop images pop into my head. When my sister mentioned that they needed Dan to help with her chicken coop while we were out visiting I had those same images. Something kinda long and narrow surrounded by chicken wire with a chicken wire top to keep hawks out. Her husband is a chef and his dad worked at Boeing his whole life so when they plan a project they have just enough knowledge to get them in trouble but apparently not enough to put limits on a task.

Those that know us, know how much Dan has been working for the last few months. Besides his regular job that keeps him away from home quite a bit he has also been helping out a friend by building his new restaurant. Since Dan has all the knowledge, skills and tools, work at the restaurant could only get done when he was there. Which meant all his weekends and non work time have been spent at the restaurant. So we have been really looking forward to this vacation for a break and to spend a little time together before he headed out on his week long fishing trip.

Back to the chicken coop; this is not the chicken coop that I (or Dan) imagined. This is a chicken palace, large enough to house, well us, next time we head out to visit. But Dan being the good sport and blinded by the vision of catching Halibut dove right in and spent quite a bit more time than we all expected building a chicken coop.

Here’s Dan and big Larry surveying the site. The posts had already been cemented in (which was the first clue that this was not going to be a small chicken coop)


Dan and Larry are working on the roof, as we all know it rains a lot in Seattle and that grass won’t last long once the chickens move in. So to help cut back on the muddy mess that is sure to happen they are putting a regular roof on the coop.



Here’s proof that the boys, Thomas and BJ, did help just a little bit.

IMG_8897 IMG_8899

Here’s the roosting box that Shauna did pay some else to build. She had a feeling if left up to her hubby it may not get done in a timely manner. The boys painted it with a little help from various adults.IMG_8900

and here’s 1 of the 5 chicks that will be making the coop their new home. I am so jealous, if I could figure out a place to squeeze them into my yard I would totally get some chickens. I love the idea of fresh eggs from my yard every day!


Sophie also seems to like the idea of fresh chickens but for a whole different reason.


The boys were being silly climbing into the roosting box.


So of course Isa also had to give it a try!


peek a boo


Those are some good looking doors! The other thing you have to worry about out here is all the wild life. The chickens aren’t just prey for the hawks. You have to protect them from ‘coons, possums and rats. So you have to use hard wire all around the open spaces so varmints don’t chew their way in.


And finally the completed coop, just in time for us to head back home to Columbus. What you can’t tell from the picture is that the hard wire is wrapped all the way around the coop at the top and bottom. The bottom is also cemented into the a trench in the ground to prevent creatures from burrowing under the coop and getting in. These are some well protected chickens.


6 thoughts on “The biggest chicken coop I’ve ever seen

  1. Was that a recliner in the chicken coop? Who’s planning to sit in there with the chickens? We have friends in Grandview who have chickens. They just adding netting onto the side of the barn. It’s very small and would definitely fit in your yard. I’ll take you by there sometime so you can see.

    • The chair was just there during construction. Some of us enjoy WATCHING the job more than actually doing the job. 🙂 Would love to see how your friends did their coop. You know we don’t have much room left in our yard after all the add-ons. But we REALLY want chickens!

  2. You could totally do chickens! They don’t take up too much room really – not all chickens need palaces. You can have a small roosting box for night or bad weather and have those movable free range cages for daytime – you’d have to leave some grass in your yard though – maybe you could take them to the park? Here are two of my favorite coops from the web:

    and, the one with stained glass:

  3. OK dont make it sound like I had any part of how big the damn thing was. My suggestions were all shot down… and we werent even suppose to do the roof this year…Im pretty sure dan talked them into that one 🙂 I was happy with the dog house some plastic pipe and wire 😛

  4. I am pretty sure Dan was not part of the planning commitie. I am positive Dan expected to use chicken wire during the construction of the coop

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